Cayetano to critics: Prove PH lost an island under Duterte and I’ll quit

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PH Territory

Cayetano did not lose a single inch of its territory under President Rodrigo Duterte’s watch, the country’s top diplomat said, even promising to quit public office if proven wrong.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano on Monday challenged critics to provide evidence that the Duterte administration failed in protecting the country’s rights over disputed islands in the South China Sea.

“Ano man ang calling nila (Whatever their calling might be) – equity sila, pulitiko (government official) sila, newsman, columnist – in the event that we lost a solitary island amid Duterte’s opportunity, I will gather my packs, go home, and I won’t serve the general population in any chose or selected position,” Cayetano said in a long discourse at his area of expertise’s banner raising function.

He said he was responding to an article he read Sunday, “What number of islands do we have?” A segment was distributed on the Philippine Star that day, titled “What number of islands does Phl still have?”

Writer Federico Pascual Jr. stated, “A sure China has ventured up its setting up of army bases on simulated islands worked in the Philippines’ Exclusive Economic Zone with Duterte looking the other way.”

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Historic Meaning

In a historic point controlling on July 2016, the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague granted to the Philippines regions in the South China Sea that exist in the nation’s 200-mile select financial zone, in view of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), a global arrangement both the Philippines and China had marked. China has declined to recognize the arbitral governing and keeps on guaranteeing the South China Sea completely.

Restriction official Gary Alejano on Tuesday reacted to Cayetano’s announcement, saying the nation “lost powerful control” on Sandy Cay, a sand bar more than 2.5 nautical miles west of Pag-asa Island in the South China Sea.

“Secretary Cayetano ought to be reminded that China seized Sandy Cay amid his and Duterte’s incumbency,” Alejano said in an announcement.

In addition Duterte in August 2017 said China has guaranteed him that it won’t attack Sandy Cay, in the midst of reports that Chinese vessels are blocking Filipino anglers there.

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Islands Decreasing

Alejano said this is only one case. “In a greater picture, if our capacity to watch and supply our islands is gradually being decreased, at that point time will come China will have successful control of the entire West Philippine Sea. We would lose everything.”

Meanwhile Cayetano on Monday said not specifying the words “discretion grant” out in the open explanations isn’t commensurate to the administration not securing the nation’s sovereign rights over its EEZ in the West Philippine Sea.

“Lahat ng monetary rights ay ipinaglalaban namin (We are battling for every financial right),” Cayetano stated, saying the Filipinos’ rights to angle in the zone, to secure natural and ecological assurance, ideal to safe harbor, and oil and gas investigation.

He likewise repeated that the legislature is taking discretionary activities at whatever point vital Ongoing Chinese activities on regions inside the nation’s EEZ incorporate the revealed nearness of two Chinese military planes on Panganiban or Mischief Reef, and China’s disclosing of a landmark to stamp its development work in Kagitingan or Fiery Cross Reef.

Both are in the challenged Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, which is being asserted by the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Brunei.

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Duterte’s Naysayer

Besides Faultfinders have pummeled President Duterte’s “naysayer” position on the long-standing sea debate. Duterte has over and over said the nation can’t stand to go to war against China, yet has guaranteed to raise the arbitral decision with the Asian goliath amid his term.

Cayetano: Duterte prepared for war in West Philippine Sea

Regardless of his incessant naysayer talk, President Rodrigo Duterte is prepared to pronounce war on China or some other nation on the off chance that they endeavor to misuse the common assets in the West Philippine Sea, Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said on Monday.

Hence West Philippine Sea is the neighborhood name of the waters inside the nation’s 370-kilometer selective financial zone in the South China Sea.

Cayetano gave confirmation of President Duterte’s availability to protect the Philippines’ sway in the West Philippine Sea before Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) authorities who went to the week by week signal raising function at their head office on Roxas Boulevard in Manila.

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Red lines’

In any case, Cayetano said the President, who has been condemned for his refusal

to go up against China with the Philippines’ 2016 triumph in the intervention of the

two nations’ regional column, had really cautioned that he would go to war against

Beijing on the off chance that it broke the “red lines” his organization had set in

managing the South China Sea debate.

The principal red line, he stated, is for Beijing not to manufacture anything on Panatag

Shoal, globally known as Scarborough Shoal, the site of a two-month standoff amongst

Chinese and Philippine ships in 2012 that prompted Manila’s test to Beijing’s case to

the greater part of the South China Sea in the UN-sponsored Permanent Court of

Arbitration in The Hague.

China ought to likewise not endeavor to expel the BRP Sierra Madre from Ayungin (Second Thomas) Shoal, where the legislature grounded it in 1999 to stamp A philippine area in the Spratly archipelago, he included.

“Our officers ought not be bugged when they convey supplies or when they repair

the runways,” Cayetano stated, alluding to the little airstrip on Pag-asa (Thitu), the

greatest Philippine-possessed island in the Spratlys.

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Commentators hit

“Another red line is that no one will get regular assets there all alone,” he said.

Nevertheless the President has talked about joint investigation for oil and petroleum gas with China

in the West Philippine Sea, comparing it to “co-proprietorship” and drawing fire from

faultfinders, who have called attention to that his thought runs counter to the

Constitution, which holds regular assets in Philippine domain solely to Filipinos.

Cayetano pounced upon the President’s pundits, including an “Incomparable Court

equity” who has been nudging the organization to dissent China’s militarization of the

South China Sea.

Cayetano was obviously alluding to acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio, who has been

reminding the organization that its inability to challenge China’s forceful moves in the

South China Sea implies quiet submission.

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Organizations Choice

Cayetano said the organization’s choice to keep mum did not mean it was not

successfully manage China and to safeguard the nation’s domain and sway.

“Indeed, even the President himself told (Chinese) President Xi Jinping, ‘That is our own.

Furthermore West Philippine Sea is our own. We need to begin delving for oil and gas in the South China

Sea.’ How substantially more grounded an announcement would that be able to be?” he said.

“At the opportune time, we will demonstrate you wrong since nothing is mystery until the end of time. Indeed, even the US, they declassify materials,” he said.

“When we declassify these, once we have accomplished our motivations later

on, you will see that the DFA was not neglectful in documenting political activity,” he included.

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