Pinay Graduates Summa Cum Laude, Completes 3 Major’s at New York University

Janelle Micaela Panganiban

Pinay Graduates Summa Cum Laude

Pinay Graduates Summa Cum Laude Ss if completing a degree wasn’t challenging enough, one Filipina from Isabela tribe took three majors while studying at the prestigious New York University (NYU) – and she completed all three majors at once and graduated with the highest honor possible. Wow!

Janelle Micaela Panganiban, the daughter of Angadanan Mayor Lourdes Panganiban and ANAC-IP Partylist Rep. Jose Panganiban Jr., is a member of the Gaddang indigenous group from Isabela.

What’s more, she has demonstrated to everybody that finishing a degree without a hitch can be accomplished by anybody, paying little heed to your status throughout everyday life.

“As a Filipino, I have a feeling that I have the commitment to take these back to the Philippines and in the meantime, as a relative of the Gaddangs, I get myself energetic for indigenous resurgence as a stage to battle the long and installed history of colonization,” said Janelle.

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3 Major’s

She finished three majors: Sociology, Global Public Health, and Public Policy. That is positively an accomplishment that is as of now hard to accomplish at one go however Janelle demonstrated that it is additionally conceivable to finish a few majors at the same time while exceeding expectations in all things.

She shared, “Figure out how to connect with and extremely simply be basic with everything. The educators energize that here and I imagine that is the thing that I acknowledge in light of the fact that it doesn’t appear as though they’re doing it to influence me to feel like I’m wrong however for me to [really] develop.”

For being one of the best positioning baccalaureate moves on from the college, she gets the opportunity to wear a gold tuft rather than the typical purple alternate graduates utilize.

Janelle additionally ran home with the NYU Founder’s Day grant for greatness in humanism and additionally the Alexander L. Shluger grant.

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A honor given

For her amazing scholarly accomplishment, Janelle will likewise get the Northern

Star Award from the Philippine Consulate General, a honor given to Filipino-American

graduates who exceed expectations in their examinations.

With her amazing reputation as understudy, Janelle would doubtlessly exceed expectations

in the US when she finds work however the young woman said she will backpedal to the

Philippines as she feels that she needs to ‘give back’.

“The possibility that there’s such huge numbers of Filipinos who are not at home, to me as was that, I believed I needed to contribute something and that is the thing that sort of attached me to the Philippines, in a way [that] I truly would prefer not to overlook [the] vision of needing to help out the nation,” the keen graduate pondered.

This could imply that Janelle will backpedal to the Philippines to instruct, with

expectations of rolling out an improvement in the group.

Congrats and good fortunes to you, Janelle!

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