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House of Representatives pass final reading

Lower House passes on third and final reading the bill that will allow employees in the private sector to work from home using telecommunications or computer technologies.

On Monday, May 28, lawmakers approved House Bill 7402 or the Telecommuting Act which protects home-based workers. The Senate already agreed on the measure on May 22, 2017.

The bill gives adaptable working course of action amongst boss and worker. Be that as it may, it requires a working from home program at least the base work guidelines set by law which incorporate least number of work hours, compensable work hours and also extra minutes, rest days and leave benefits. Managers should likewise guarantee that locally established representatives are dealt with an indistinguishable route from office-based laborers.

Once the two renditions are accommodated and confirmed, the measure will be sent to President Rodrigo Duterte for signature.

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Hontiveros pushes Security

An individual from the Senate minority assemble approached today for the quick entry by Congress and institution into law of the Security of Tenure (SoT) bill to help end the mass migration of Filipino specialists to different nations needing to procure a better than average living.

The call was made by autonomous Senator Risa Hontiveros, executive of the Senate board of trustees on ladies, as the nation watches today International Labor Day.

Hontiveros said that the section of the bill is a vital piece of a complete contrasting option to the nation’s work trade strategy.

“On the off chance that the administration needs our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to return home and end the Filipino diaspora, let us guarantee that they will come back to a nation where general and tolerable occupations are abundant, where ladies specialists are treated with the most astounding admiration and where their wellbeing is the essential worry of the state,” she said.

“Huwag lang natin silang pauwiin. Pauwiin natin sila na may pag-asa at kasiguraduhan ng mas magandang bukas sa sarili nilang bansa,” Hontiveros included. (Let us not simply send them home. They should return home where they can have seek and security after a superior tomorrow in their own particular nation.)

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Security of residency

Hontiveros said that the SoT measure would shield laborers from deceitful and unfair contracting and sub-contracting and fortify the security of residency of specialists.

”The measure will likewise help in shutting the sexual orientation hole in the work part,” she included.

Hontiveros refered to information from the International Labor Organization (ILO) that ladies in a few Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) nations, including the Philippines, have a greater offer of powerless work than men.

Besides we Filipino ladies have a lower work interest rate contrast with men, and those sufficiently blessed to be utilize are more presented to powerless business like authoritative employments,” Hontiveros clarify.

As bad habit executive of the Senate wellbeing board of trustees, Hontiveros likewise called attention to that work contractualization, prevalently known as “ENDO”, alluding to “end of agreement” employments, is additionally a general wellbeing danger to numerous Filipino laborers.

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Customary specialists as contractualization

“Authoritative laborers are more powerless against well being dangers than customary specialists as contractualization is a plan intend to abstain from paying laborers the social and medical advantages that general representatives are qualify for. Accordingly, legally binding laborers are compell to bear problematic working conditions and pay for their own well being costs when they become ill or harm at work,” she brought up.

Along these lines, beside the SoT charge, Hontiveros communicated certainty that her kindred administrators

in the House of Representatives (HoR) would pass its adaptation of the Expanded Maternity Leave Law to

accomplish a more dynamic way to deal with human services in the work division.

“The entry of these point of interest work laws is critical, particularly with regards to the difficulties postured

by our strategic line with Kuwait influencing a huge number of OFWs, and the developing racket for consistent

and better than average occupations and also a cutting edge maternity wellbeing strategy at standard with

worldwide norms,” she said.

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Hontiveros slams Duterte

“Where President Duterte has bombed in his guarantee to the Filipino laborers, I am cheerful

that the Legislature will convey,” she included.

Hence House Bill 6908b (“An Act Strengthening the Security of Tenure of Workers”) was at that point

passed on third and last perusing by the House of Representatives.

The partner measure is as yet pending at the board of trustees level in the Senate.

Furthermore the Expanded Maternity Leave Law, create and support by Hontiveros was pass by the Senate a year ago. Its rendition in the House of Representatives is anticipating endorsement.

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