NYU slams BabaeAko Insults Uson past MGA CHAROTERANG PALAKA.”

NYU slams BabaeAko Insults Uson past MGA CHAROTERANG PALAKA.”

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Krizette Laureta Chu, Sen. Leila De Lima and Juana Change

Babae Ako

Some rights groups and netizens recently launched the social media campaign #BabaeAko in protest to what they deemed as woman-h@ter comments from President Rodrigo Duterte.
Using the hashtag #BabaeAko (I am a woman), some women who cr1ticize the president are taking social media to f1ght back the president’s mis0gynstic behavior.
Meanwhile, also a woman, a witty writer and alumnus of New York University slammed the groups for their tirades.
Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu, on her most recent Facebook post, pointed out a lot of things, exactly telling the president’s cr1tics are all hyp0crites – all for politics, as they try to taint Duterte as a woman h@ter. Here’s her complete post below:

Babae ako…

And then 1nsults Mocha for her past.
Babae ako…
And then tells Honeylet she doesn’t have any right to be called First Lady kasi “kab!t” lang siya.
Babae ako…
And then calls Associate Justice Teresita de Castro names just because she went against Aquino puppet Sereno.
Babae ako…
And then 1nsults Kat de Castro’s size just because she’s pro Duterte.
Babae ako…
And then 1nsults Lorraine Badoy, Sass Sasot, and any other pro-government personality.
Babae ako…
But let’s find a way to discredit Patricia Bautista and even use her own mom against her even when Andy is a sexual deviant and a cheat!ng ly!ng corrupt person because this issue will reflect on Leni.
Babae ako…
And then calls Persida Acosta 1nsulting names for being head of PAO.
Babae ako…
And then says nothing about the wives of the married men their female leaders have dalliances with.
Wag nga kami.*

Duterte to Firm Believer

Meanwhile, the president’s top aid Christopher “Bong” Go, insisted that Duterte “has always been a firm believer and protector of women’s rights.”
Go, in a statement cited the president’s pro-women policies when he was the mayor of Davao City.
“He has pushed for local laws and created programs that uphold women’s rights while he was still mayor of Davao City including the landmark Women Development Code and the creation of the Integrated Gender Development Division of Davao City. Because of these advocacies, Davao City has been recognized as a Gender and Development Local Learning Hub in the Philippines,” he said.
“President Duterte’s way of self-expression has always been taken out of context but, to say that President Duterte is not pro-women and looks down on women is truly unfair. These allegations are clearly political,” he added.
Below are the photos from #BabaeAko campaign supporters which also include the actress and political activist Juana Change. (Photos credit to the owners.)
juana change

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