Espenido now validating identities of Ardot Parojinog’s alleged protectors

Espenido now validating identities of Ardot Parojinog’s alleged protectors


Validating Protectors

After the arrest of  former Ozamiz City councilor Ricardo “Ardot” Parojinog in Taiwan, Ozamiz police authorities are now validating the identities of his alleged protectors.

In a telephone interview Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido, he divulged that the protectors of Ardot include businessmen but refused to give their names.

The Ozamiz City chief of police, on the other hand, hinted that most of them were known 1llegal gambl!ng lords and involved in the g*n-for-hire trade.

“We are now trying to validate and confirm the identities of Parojinog’s protectors,” Espenido said.

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Links to Parojinog

The police chief also did not disclose whether there are know narco-politicians among the names list as suspects who have a hand in protecting and coddling Parojinog but admit that there are names of politicians suspect of having links to the Parojinogs.

Parojinog, who was under intensive manh*nt of the police with a P5 million bounty on his, went into hiding for 10 months and was intercepted in Taiwan last Wednesday.

The Philippine National Police coordinated the information to the Taiwan Police authorities that later on led to the arr*st of the former Ozamiz City Councilor who was hiding in a  fishing village in Tung-kang Township, Pingtung County.

Ardot Parojinog is the brother of former Ozamiz City mayor Reynado “Aldong” Parojinog who was k*ll*d along with 14 others during the raid conducted by Ozamiz police on his house in Barangay Lawis on July 30, 2017.

Elements of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in collaboration with other law enforcers agencies were serving six search warrants against the Parojinog properties when the shooting happened.*

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Family Involvement

The n0torious family of Ozamiz City were also involve in 1llegal possession of f1rearms aside from the 1llegal dr*gs.

Ardot has escape during the ra!d and since then became fug!tive and been object of the police manh*nt.

Meanwhile, Parojinog’s daughter Ozamiz Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog-Echavez, is detain at

the PNP Custodial Center, while her brother Reynaldo Parojinog Jr. was reportedly transfer to the Quezon City Jail.

During an interview with Espenido in Ozamiz City, he said that Ardot reportely traveled to Taiwan

via the “back-door”.

Suspects fleeing from authorities usually get out of the country through the “back-door”, contracting 1llegal facilities to transport them out and evade the law enforcers.

Espenido also said that there were intelligence reports that 1llegal gambl!ng lords and g*n-for-hire groups raised money to help Ardot escape to Taiwan.

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