Duterte: Lofty honorific has no place in a democratic society

duterte to family

“First Family”

President Duterte does not want his immediate family to be referred to as the “first family” because, according to him, such a lofty honorific has no place in a democratic society.

In a discourse amid the introduction of the enhanced Davao River Bridge on Thursday, the President said the expression “first family” was at that point obsolete.

Therefore this term ‘first family’ is as of now old fashioned, stale. You don’t utilize it in a just nation. Try not to utilize that term ‘first family, first family.’ There’s no such thing as a first family,” the President said in Filipino.

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Expelled official

The President’s comments came after he let go Assistant Transportation Secretary Mark Tolentino, who purportedly conversed with one of the President’s sisters about a railroad venture in Mindanao.

Meanwhile Tolentino freely apologized to the President in the wake of saying the his family in a press preparation prior this month.

In addition Davao City on Thursday, the President focused on his abhorrence of the expression “first family,” saying it tended to make different families less essential.

“All Filipinos are viewed as the principal family. Also, it is in absolute terrible taste to utilize [‘first family’],” he said.

Furthermore President has not being a grouch by disregarding honorifics, calling attention to that the Philippines has a majority rule, republican kind of government.

“It isn’t so much that I am attempting to be cliché about it. Be that as it may, I imagine that right now, we’re in a majority rules system, it’s a republican type of government Everyone is critical here,” he said.

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2016 reminder

Hence his first month in office, the President issue an order for him not to be tend to as

“his excellency” and the individuals from his Cabinet as “noteworthy” in official


In an update he issue in July 2016, the President said he ought to be tend to just as “President”

and Cabinet individuals, “Secretary.”

Be that as it may, government offices and workplaces, at their caution, may utilize the

expression “noteworthy” in tending to top authorities in inward correspondence and reports.

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Already, the President said he wanted to be call “Chairman” as opposed to “President” by

the individuals from his Cabinet and other government authorities since he had serve longest

as leader of Davao City.

On Thursday, the President noticed that he never allude to his official home and chief

working environment as “Malacañang Palace” or the “Royal residence.”

“I simply say, ‘my office.’ See me at my office. Go to my office,” he said.

Nevertheless he allude to government authorities as “authorities,” wanting to call them his “partners in government” or “government specialists.”

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