Malacañang blasts China against WPS: “What is ours is ours!”


Malacañang hits back China

Malacañang on tuesday the government of the Philippines kept up that Manila has sovereign

rights over a few highlights in the South China Sea that Beijing has changed into artificial islands

with multi-story military offices.

It has been report that China has again claim that it owns the greater part of the South China

Sea, hitting back at allege charges it was “militarizing” the dispute waterway after landing

bombers at an airbase in the Paracel Islands, which are additionally assert by Vietnam and


Malacañang in response referred to the choice of the United Nations-backed arbitral court

in July 2016 that nullified China’s unnecessary cases in the asset rich ocean.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said at a news conference that what the country

owns will be theirs.

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Roque Perpective

We have also said that what is ours is ours,” Spox Harry Roque said.

Likewise Spox Roque announce that the country has a steady position that the arbitral

decision is proven base on waters which shape some portion of their exclusive monetary

zone and that the country has sovereign rights to develop on those islands.

Besides we have a consistent position which is the arbitral decision is evidence that it is built on waters

which form part of our EEZ (exclusive economic zone) and only the Philippines can sovereign rights

to construct on those islands.” he said.

Meanwhile it is said that President Rodrigo Duterte decide not to oppose China even after Beijing’s

account deployment of military aircraft and installation of anti-ship cruise missiles and

surface-to-air missile systems on Manila-claimed reefs.

That said decision of the President made his critics more furious and slammed the country’s leader.

However, the President explained and faulted the United States and his predecessor, Benigno Aquino III, for not standing up to China’s excessive claims and development of military facilities on the fake islands.

More so, the President himself sets aside the arbitral ruling keeping in mind the end goal to produce better ties with China, yet pledged to raise it at an appropriate time amid his administration.

Spox Roque blasts

Spox Roque additionally announced that the government is utilizing diplomatic means to address the issue despite the fact that he stressed that Manila require not to promote each reaction to Beijing’s activities and said that they actually have two options, that is to antagonize China again or to be firm with their decision not to distribute the territory.

Pero ang paulit-ulit na sinasabi natin, eh dalawa ang opsiyon natin: i-antagonize muli ang China or panindigan na hindi natin ipamimigay ang teritoryo,” the spox said.

He then proclaimed that they will be holding their right in the ocean part of their exclusive economic zone but at the same time, moving on with their bilateral relations.

Paninindigan natin ang ating karapatan diyan sa karagatan na kabahagi ng ating exclusive economic zone, pero at the same time, moving on with our bilateral relations Iyong mga puwedeng pagka-agree-han, agree-han natin Iyong hindi pupuwedeng pag-agree-han, eh iwan na muna nating panandali,” Spox Roque ended.

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