COA to unapproved accounts, unliquidated funds at DOJ under Aguirre


DOJ to Subsidizes

The Department of Justice (DOJ) opened 3 unapprove financial balances to “stop” government subsidizes and discharge pay rates without supporting archives amid the season of its surrender boss Vitaliano Aguirre II, the Commission on Audit (COA) said in its 2017 review report.

The report was submit to Justice Sec. Menardo Guevarra a month after Aguirre venture down as Justice Secretary in the midst of feedback over his expulsion of medication charges against an admitted sedate ruler and in the wake of figuring in a pay off embarrassment.

About P65.68 million is in 3 accounts in the Landbank of the Philippines “without expert,” state evaluators said in the report route to Aguirre’s successor.

Some P52.52 million was keep in a record for the Victims Compensation Fund, while another record for the Witness Protection Program had an adjust of P379,706, the report said.

Another P12.72 million is set in a record expect for the DOJ’s Trust Fund for casualties of the AMAN Future pyramiding outrage and Typhoon Yolanda, and in addition stores for the Unite Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC).

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Resouce of Salary

Under Executive Order No 338 as a result since 1996, all administration offices must exchange “all open cash keep with store banks and different organizations to the Bureau of the Treasury paying little respect to salary source.”

Hence State reviewers said the DOJ moved in regards to P621.64 million to mechanized teller machine (ATM) accounts “without relating installments.”

“The ATM account was utilize as a stopping represent unused NCA (notice of money allotment) to abstain from slipping by,” the COA said.

Under existing government arrangements, stores not use by

organizations toward the finish of each quarter will be come back to the Treasury.

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Besides we prescribe that the Finance Service stop the act of exchanging assets to the ATM Payroll represent exchanges without legitimate costs and to come back to the Bureau of the Treasury any store without substantial commitments,” COA said.

In an announcement, Aguirre clarify this is done ”

for the advantage of the division.”

“This implies the assets were exchange starting with one DOJ account then onto the next DOJ account, for the advantage of the Department,” he said.

Although this would guarantee that there will be no case that installment of compensations will be postpone,” he said.

Four joint passage vouchers (JEV) adding up to P27.68 million propose for compensations

of DOJ work arrange representatives were “not bolster with finance registers,”

COA said.

Each of the 4 faulty vouchers were date March 1, 2018.

Consequently we rejoin that the Accounting Division present the supporting records for the four unsupport JEVs and to speed up their confirmation of the exchanges,” COA said.

Nevertheless Aguirre said the DOJ Finance Services disclose to him that the finance vouchers were view as unsupport as the wrong archives were connect to discharges.

“At the point when these JEVs were draw, there were supporting archives join thereto, particularly the Disbursement Vouchers and the comparing Payroll Warrant Registers,” Aguirre said.

“It gives the idea that the COA requires the accommodation of the report entitled Payroll Register. Hence this archive is accessible and submitted to the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) as the reason for attributing of the sums to authorities and representatives,” he said.

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Hence Aguirre, in an announcement, removed himself from the inconsistencies

and faulted faculty “beneath his level.”

“These exchanges did not achieve the learning of the

undersigned. These exchanges included activities between the Personnel

Division and the Accounting Division,” Aguirre said.

“I have no cooperation at all in the exchanges topic of the Annual Audit Repor

t discharged by the Commission on Audit (COA),” he said.

In an announcement, Guevarra said the DOJ’s fund faculty revealed to him that

“everything could be clarified.”

For this reason a preparatory premise, they revealed to me that everything

could be clarified,” Guevarra said in an instant message to ABS-CBN News.

Furthermore they will go over the update that was submit to me late yesterday

(Friday), and I will check whether the clarification is palatable,” he said.

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