DOTr Asec Mark Tolentino fired after discussing with Duterte’s sister


President fires DOTr Asec Mark Tolentino

President Duterte yesterday rejected a transportation assistant secretary for purportedly talking about a project with Duterte’s sister.

Presidential representative Harry Roque said Transportation Assistant Secretary for railways Mark Tolentino had abused Duterte’s strategy against having dealings with individuals from the President’s family.

“We are declaring that the President has let go Assistant Secretary Mark Tolentino of the Department of Transportation (DOTr). Asec. Tolentino’s blame is he talked with a relative of the President,” Roque said in a press preparation.

“The President has ended the administrations of Assistant Secretary Mark Tolentino for having dealings with a presidential relative, a sister. Also, the indication of the President is nobody in the administration ought to engage any relative of the President regarding any issue that needs to do with the administration,” he included.

Roque couldn’t give points of interest on the undertaking purportedly being pushed by Tolentino and the personality of the presidential sister he talked with. Roque, nonetheless, said that Tolentino utilized the primary family to legitimize the Mindanao Rail Project.

“I don’t have a clue about the task… It appears that Asec. Tolentino utilized the primary family in supporting Mindanao Rail… The prompt explanation behind the end is he had dealings with the presidential sister,” Roque said..

“The message is that the President is not kidding. Try not to try and converse with them about any issue concerning the administration, you will get sacked on the off chance that you do,” he included.

Roque said another official confronting expulsion would leave today yet declined to expound.

Tolentino refuses Duterte’s decision

The DOTr yesterday refused Duterte’s choice to end the administrations of Tolentino.


In an announcement, the DOTr said it invites and backings the President’s choice.

“The DOTr, under the administration of Secretary Arthur Tugade, does not and won’t endure such acts by its authorities or workers,” it said.

The DOTr included it would not endure namedropping or looking for the help of Duterte, his family or some other powerful people either for government tasks or individual pick up.

The end result for Tolentino, as per the office, ought to be a notice to all administration authorities and workers.

Legal cautioned versus fixer

Roque likewise cautioned the legal against a fixer who is purportedly utilizing the primary family to impact the result of cases.

He said the fixer is the spouse of the previous little girl in-law of the President however did not name names.

“We are likewise cautioning the general population, including justices and judges. A spouse of the ex of a child of our President is utilizing the name of a grandkid of the President to settle cases. To the justices and judges, don’t engage this fixer. He isn’t a relative of the President,” Roque said.

“It is dismal that the grandkid is being utilized. We can’t take care of that. However, this individual has no expert to utilize the name of the President and the name of the grandkid of the President,” he included.

Of the two children of Duterte, just a single – previous Davao City bad habit chairman Paolo Duterte – is hitched. Paolo has three youngsters with his first spouse Lovelie Sumera, who is currently hitched to RJ Sumera.

Roque encouraged justices and judges to report the exercises of the fixer to Malacañang, focusing on that the President does not endure such activities.

Asked whether Duterte discovers blame in his previous girl in-law for enabling her accomplice to participate on the off chance that settling, Roque stated: “I don’t know however what is essential is the judges were pulled out. Try not to go close to this individual since he doesn’t have a command from the President.”

Puyat’s anti-corruption project falls

While the President is irate with authorities blamed for defilement, he is content with Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat’s endeavors to purify the office of debasement.

Roque said Malacañang is steady of Puyat’s call for tourism undersecretaries and collaborator secretaries to leave to enable her to execute her projects.

Requested to respond to Puyat’s professions on the assumed defilement under the previous administration of the tourism division, Roque answered that the previous was designated with the communicated order to do great and battle debasement and she is doing only that.

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