Duterte reveal matrix of slain priest’s suspected illicit affairs


Duterte reveal Killers

President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday reveal a grid of assume unlawful issues of a kill minister.

Hence the lattice title “Conceivable Motive (Love Triangle)” has on it a photo of a cleric with photographs of eight ladies.

In his discourse before occupants of nearby authorities of Tabongon, Cebu amid the town’s party festivity, Duterte said the minister could have been murder in view of his different unlawful undertakings with the ladies.

He said a portion of the ladies are hitch to a bad habit chairman, a policeman, a warrior, and a representative.

“Nganong ‘di ka man mamatay. May asawa bise chairman, may asawa pulis, may asawang sundalo, may asawa dakong negosyante. Eh ‘di patay ka gyud,” Duterte said.

“Mangabit kang asawa pulis, mangabit kang asawa bad habit chairman, patay ka gyud,” he include.

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Don’t Spouse

He additionally said that one of the spouses of the eight ladies could have had a comment with the demise of the cleric.

Duterte did not name the minister The cleric’s face was additionally not unmistakable from the photograph appeare by the president amid his discourse.

He additionally said that the New People’s Army does not have a comment with the anonymous minister’s executing.

Furthermore the President did not unveil different points of interest of the case.

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