Duterte to fire the office gov’t corporate counsel first

duterte fire gov't

To fire leader of OGCC

President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday said he may fire leader of the Office of the

Government Corporate Counsel (OGCC) and had request that a clique brod leave.


“I simply let go the – possibly I’ll fire the corporate [counsel] tomorrow,” Duterte said

in a discourse at the opening of the Oil and Gas Production of the Alegria Oilfield Plyard-3

Well Site in Cebu.


Duterte delegate Rudolf Philip Jurado as government corporate direction in April a year ago.


Approach by GMA News Online for illumination on Jurado’s conceivable

expulsion, presidential representative Harry Roque Jr. answered “no data.”


Duterte include that Friday, he had likewise ask a graduate school brod to leave.


Besides I made many individuals leave including one of my graduate school brods yesterday,” he said.


Duterte is an individual from San Beda College’s Lex Talionis crew.

He had named a few individuals from the organization in the administration.


He had said that he will fire government authorities, even those near him,

even more than “a whiff or whisper” of defilement.


“When I procured you, you definitely knew my character. I let you know, ‘

Don’t try not to be degenerate since debasement isn’t a bad habit of mine,” Duterte said.

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Malacañang report

A week ago that the President had additionally request the abdication of Assistant Secretary Moslemen Macarambon Sr. of the Department of Justice and Assistant Secretary Tingagun Ampaso Umpa of the Department of Public Works and Highways.


Duterte likewise said in a different discourse on Saturday amid the opening of the Philippine National Games 2018 in Cebu City that he had expelled two government authorities for attempting to persuade an individual from his family to intercede in a task.


Hence up to this point, I continue expelling individuals I rejected two authorities who said that he has an issue solicited one from the individuals from my family,” he said.


Besides I enlightened you, I am not kidding concerning this. On the off chance that the demand

is made by my kids, spouse, grandkids, cousins, relatives utilizing my name, don’t converse

with them. On the off chance that my relatives ask anything, think of it as denied,” he included.

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