Montano accuse X Tourism Sec. Teo on 80 M “Buhay Carinderia issue”

montano teo

Montano accuse Teo

Tourism Promotions Board (TBP) head working officer Cesar Montano wash his hand and has indicate

the accuse previous Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo in regards to the sketchy exchange in his office.


Montano said it was Teo who ought to be in charge of paying the coordinator of “Buhay Carinderia”

worth P80 million in only a month to Marylindert International and claim that Teo was the person who pushed for the program.


TPB Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Marketing and Promotions Sector Maricon Ebron it was Teo “who exhibited

“Buhay Carinderia” to us,” inciting them to meet with Erlinda Legaspi, the President and CEO of Marylindbert

International, the coordinator of “Buhay Carinderia.” The venture intends to advance nearby restaurants.


Culinary specialist Erwan Heussaff is the undertaking’s represetative.


While Montano said Teo acquainted Legaspi with him as a “companion.”

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Montano pay P80-M

It was account for that Montano has officially paid the coordinators of “Buhay Carinderia” in load with P80-M regardless of whether the occasion still can’t seem to be finish.

In any case, such activity of Montano, negated the standard procedure, as the legislature must pay in tranches and its last payment should just be made after the undertaking is as of now finish.

For this “Buhay Carinderia” program, government last installment should’ve been made in 2019 of January.

As a result late announce that the tasks of the TPB, head by Montano, was suspend after it was uncover that the “Buhay Carinderia,” an undertaking that expects to advance the best of Filipino home-cook foods, did not experience the best possible offering.

Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat has for the Commission on Audit (COA) to survey all undertakings.

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Check Issue

Meanwhile the Checks issue by TPB to Marylindbert International Inc.,  demonstrate that installments  made on March 19 for P13,440,172.80 March 20 for P31,360,000 April 17 for P35.840,000.

Teo and Montano were the signatories of the check.

Hence the TPB broadened our reservation. We educated Secretary Teo that the payment was too quick and we didn’t have to pay them promptly,” Montano said Romulo-Puyat assumes control from Wanda Teo-Tulfo who surrendered last May 7 in the midst of charges of the questionable multi-million peso promotion bargain between government-claimed TV station PTV 4 and the DOT.

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