Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth case, dismissed by the government

marcos wealth

Marcos ill- wealth

The former commissioner of the Presidential Commission on Good Government accuse the government of

allegedly attempting to abolish the claim on the more than $ 15 million allegedly ill wealth of the Marcos family.


“This whole transaction will be done professionally and straightforwardly, with a full bookkeeping to the general

population, and particularly, specialist from the Congress,” Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said in a

news gathering in Malacañang.


“We consequently ask the Congress to approve the President to continue with transactions and set parameters

considering concerns raised by faultfinders and the citizenry. We should all cooperate for conclusive equity,

conclusion and national compromise.”


Roque, notwithstanding, can clarify what part Congress will particularly take in the arrangements, just taking

note of that “the President can’t just follow up on his own.”

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Aquino assess Marcos

He additionally can clarify why the Presidential Commission on Good Government was not being tap

to lead the arrangements. The commission, frame amid the administration of Corazon Aquino, is entrust

to pursue the assess $10 billion sick get abundance of the Marcoses and his comrades.


“This is total new ground. So we require direction [from Congress],” Roque said.


Imee mum on return of Marcos riches, needs end to all charges.


The late President Ferdinand Marcos and his significant other Imelda were blame for looting about $10 billion

from state coffers in 20 years in control. A bloodless “Individuals Power” uprising in 1986 pursued

the family into US banish.


President Rodrigo Duterte prior uncovered that the Marcos family is currently eager to hold

talks for the arrival of their riches.


Why the recuperation of Marcos ‘sick get riches’ has take ages.


The President said Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos revealed to him that the late tyrant

Ferdinand Marcos took the riches including gold bars to “secure the economy.” He said he

acknowledged this clarification.

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Malacañang Perspective

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos is talk with, March 11, 1985, by Georges Biannic, Agence France

Presse local chief for Asia and the Pacific, at Malacanang Palace in Manila.


Roque said Malacañang would likewise not persevere on whether the Marcoses’ riches is sick get or not.


“The President has said that he will acknowledge anyway they clarify it so we’re not standing firm with respect

to it. He is talking like a legal counselor and acknowledges what the other party is stating,” he said.


In any case, Roque said the administration is “not putting forth any expressions about reducing any charges”

against the Marcoses for keeping the plunder.


Besides the PCGG has effectively recuperate 170 billion pesos or about $3.4 billion in sick get riches and adornments,

craftsmanship and different resources from the Marcoses.


Furthermore the administration is as yet seeking after 248 bodies of evidence against the Marcoses and their claimed

sidekicks in different courts, with a few interests pending under the watchful eye of the Supreme Court.

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Wealth must return

Meanwhile previous PCGG boss Ruben Carranza prior contend that the Marcos family’s offer to return gold bars

and a segment of their shrouded riches would abuse a 2003 Supreme Court deciding that announce resources

of the Marcoses past $304,000 as sick get.


“The whole of $304,372.43 ought to be hold as the main know legitimate salary of respondents since they

did not record any Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SAL), as require by law, from which their total assets

can be resolve,” the High Court said in a July 2003 choice.


Hence the claimed offer to restore the Marcos riches is the most recent improvement in the surprising political

recovery of the Marcos family.


Regardless of the tyrant’s passing in Hawaii oust in 1989, his family has been making a political rebound

in the Philippines with his dowager, Imelda, and their kids getting chose to office.


No individual from the Marcos family went to jail regardless of the administration recuperation of a

portion of its fortune through prosecution and out-of-court settlements.

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