Pres. Duterte to declare War with China over West Philippine Sea dispute in a condition

duterte vs Xi Jinping

Pres. Duterte to Declare War

Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte said he would announce a War with China over the nation’s recovery and militarization in the questioned West Philippine Sea as long as his cutting edge in the fight are their devoted uproarious faultfinders.

“So sino ‘yung mga gustong pumunta doon ngayon. Affirm man ako. We will pronounce war against China. Given ‘yung mga ugok, ‘yung maingay mauna sila. Nandiyan ako sa likod nila. Pagdating doon iwanan ko sila. Bahala kayo, eh kayo ‘yung energy makipag away.”

The President said that he would pronounce war with China yet it would be a losing attempt as he would not forfeit the lives of his troops that he can’t win.

“I can announce war with China today around evening time,”

duterte xi jin ping

“Fervor mo giyerahin? Sino ba may zeal? Kasi, sige, payag ako. I can pronounce war on China today around evening time yet sino ang magpunta? Sundalo ko? Pulis ko? Mamatay lang lahat ‘yan. For what reason will I go to war for a fight that I can’t win? Para akong gago,”

“There is an airplane terminal  were rockets there introduced and military gear as of now set up. So what’s the purpose of addressing whether the planes arrive there or not? There’s an airstrip,”

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Duterte Perspective

Pres. Duterte made his comments in light of reactions from a few gatherings guaranteeing that he didn’t do anything over the proceeded with militarization of China in South China Sea which as of late revealed introduced against send journey and surface – to-air rockets frameworks on a portion of its fake island.

Pres. Duterte likewise repeated that war was impossible saying he was “100 percent certain the nation would lose to China.”

West Philippine Sea

He likewise briefly put aside the decision to keep away from showdown with China, yet promised to raise it at the opportune time amid his term as President.

“Naisip ko, wala naman tayong magagawa dito sa China, should make companions with them,” he said Furthermore, the closest na makatulong kung mag-upakan, patayan, will be China What’s more, China stated, ‘we will be there.'”

Duterte reviewed that he once told by Chinese President Xi Jinping that Manila and Beijing should repair first their relationship, which had been stressed in the past organization.


Hence they give us a chance to repair the relationship which Aquino crushed,” the President citing Xi as letting him know.

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