American political Scientist, Impacts Sereno, and De Lima against Duterte

ian bremel

American Researcher Point of View

Remote undertakings editorialist and TIME manager everywhere, Ian Bremmer courageously

gets out President Rodrigo Duterte as the one squeezing the move to oust Maria Lourdes Sereno

as Chief Justice.

Time magazine

“Last Friday in Manila, the Philippines’ Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, another

savage Duterte commentator, was expell from her post following a 8-6 vote by her kinder judges;

Duterte pushed hard for her removing, calling himself an ‘adversary’ of hers and undermining to

coercively evacuate her should it end up like that.”


His announcement came after Pres. Duterte rejected his consideration to the TIME magazine

cover named as one of the “strongman” which in media use implies tyrant.

ian bremel

“I am not a strongman, have never sent anyone to imprison for censuring me. and state, though I

couldn’t care less, a security watch, or police general, or an instructor, or a plant specialist can reprimand

me and horse crap me forever. I will take that.” Duterte said.


Bremmer however stood firm and exposed Duterte’s counter claim, refering to

a few occurrences.

HRW against Duterte

Meanwhile Philippine governmental issues where in he trusts Duterte is to be sure a strongman.“Also,

as indicated by a 2018 report from Human Rights Watch (HRW), a source I consider exceedingly

dependable, Duterte has “dove the Philippines into its most noticeably awful human rights emergency

since the autocracy of Ferdinand Marcos in the 1980s.”


Hence he is a strongman “By empowering extrajudicial k!ll1ngs by police and empowering vigilante equity

in his nation … the war on dr8gs has k1lled an expected 12,000 individuals, including kids, the vast

majority of them destitute individuals. The confirmation proposes that some are street pharmacists

needing jail, some are addicts needing treatment, and some are blameless observers needing security.


“With respect to not sending anybody to imprison for reprimanding him, Senator Leila de Lima, Duterte’s

consequently most compelling pundit, has been kept on medicate charges that HRW [Human Rights Watch] says are ‘politically inspired.’

time magazine

Furthermore the three different pioneers included on the cover are the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban,

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip, and Russian President Vladimir Putin

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