Duterte names 10 gov’t executives examined for corruption


Duterte Uncover Names

President Rodrigo Duterte has uncover names of government authorities under scrutiny over defilement.

Likewise he  said those authorities under test incorporate Atty. Ambrosi Basman, Atty Rohani Basman, Amisa Lumuntod, Amilquir Macabando, Department of Justice Prosecutor Atty. Samina Sampaco Macabando-Usman, and OIC Pasay City Prosecutor Atty. Benjamin B. Lanto.

Further, he said Inquest Prosecutor Clemente Villanueva, Assistant Prosecutor Florenzo dela Cruz, Naia District Collector Ramon Anquilan.

Moreover with Customs Intelligence and Investigation Division Director Adzhar Albani, and Naia traditions tasks officer Lomontod Macabando were in like manner being research.

He likewise said that a specific previous chairman of Marawi City was additionally under scrutiny.

“They are altogether suspend until further notice pending examination,” he told journalists in a meeting in Malacañang on Wednesday.

Mr. Duterte said he would forward to the Ombudsman the rundown of authorities who were under scrutiny.

“Mas zeal ko ang Ombudsman para walang masabi,” he said.

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