Fil. Farmer to Noynoy: How would you rest during evening? We want to know!


Hacienda Luisita

Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Undersecretary Lorraine Marie Badoy, by and by took to web-based social networking and was daring to talk her brain as she recalls and remembers the ranchers of Hacienda Luisita.

On her current Facebook post, Usec. Lorraine share a photograph of the ranchers and discuss their story and how she wants for them to at last acquire equity and be paid over and past what they were guarantee, after all the sadness, every one of the misuse, every one of the hardships they have expect to continue on in the hands of the insatiable oligarchs.

The undersecretary reviewed how the agriculturists were enlist with the certification of work that would pay them 500 bucks for every day, a baiting pay that the majority of them fell into the trap and left their families, how after every one of the falsehoods, were sold out and trick.

Usec. Badoy at that point discloses to everything and how she wishes that the Cojuangco-Aquinos, the general population behind the hardships of these agriculturists be made to respond in due order regarding the greater part of the bad behaviors they have submit against the Filipino individuals.

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Anguish Misery

In like manner, the undersecretary can’t resist the urge to address by what means can these individuals rest during the evening knowing they got fortunate on the backs of the work masses and that they have really cause persistent anguish and misery on the most defenseless.

The following is her full Facebook post:

“Today, I recall traffick agriculturists of Hacienda Luisita.

I will continue recounting their stories till Justice is serve.

To take a gander at this photograph and I don’t think about you yet what I see is a pack of people.  wager you do as well.

I don’t see them any not quite the same as me.

Clearly not so with the Cojuangco-Aquinos of Hacienda Luisita who select them from distant Mindanao with the guarantee of work that would pay them 500 bucks every day. A luring pay that several them strolled in to the trap and left their families last November.

At the point when the tidy had settle, the most elevate they were paid was 160 pesos per WEEK. Regularly it went down to as low as 40 pesos per week. What’s more, they were woke in up at 2 or 3 am and oblivious, begin the backbreaking work of gathering sugar stick – where they were paid by the huge amounts of sugar stick they could collect rather than by the day as they were guarantee.


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Ruined Clean

They were made to pay for the sustain they were nourish—spoil sardines, noodles and most days, nothing!- – so they need to search around in the basurahan of the Noynoy Aquino Cojuangcos—in the midst of the ruin clean napkins and bathroom tissue.

The going rate of the rice sustain them was 6000 bucks for every sack of rice – the measure of which was deduct from their 50 peso seven days salary. Furthermore, they were keep safely secure so they couldn’t simply leave the joint and say, “I have had enough. Pakyu Noynoy Panot!”

Be that as it may, escape they did. What’s more, they discover their way to the DSWD through the kindest of souls: a couple, Ricky Medenilla and Pia Castro—kind outsiders who saw them dozing in the lanes close Aguinaldo (they were dismiss there. Argh.) and brought them into their homes, nourish them and convey them to us.

As a child I adored perusing stories about servitude in the US. I simply had no clue this sh*t still existed under our exceptionally noses.

Also, you know what’s the sh*ttiest part in it for me?

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Messy Activity

Aside from the Cojuangcos removing themselves from this, I am wagering. The oligarchs would prefer not to filthy their hands. That is guarantee. They let their flunkies do the messy activity for them.

So the sh*ttiest part for me is the way the MOST they get from this now is a transport ticket home care of the DSWD.

In home is a major thing. Gigantic. To be back in the grasp of their families after the damnation call Hacienda Luisita.

Be that as it may, if all they escape this is a transport ticket home, at that point we’re all f*c*ed.

Hence to that  cherish that, in the grasp of DSWD, they sustain, tune in to, support – TREAT LIKE THE HUMAN BEINGS – – and that game plans were made ora mismo to get them back home.

In any case, if this is all we weapon for, not JUSTICE, not INDEMNIFICATION, at that point we are so lost.

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Evidence Documented

I need equity for them. noynoy need them paid over and past what they were guarantee—

for all the distress, every one of the misuse, every one of the hardships they’ve needed to persist in the hands of the eager oligarchs. A body of evidence has been document against Hacienda Luisita and it is in the DOLE. I need all of us to put resources into it and watch it with falcon eyes.

I need the COJUANGCO-AQUINOS convey to equity and to be made to response in order regarding every one of the wrong doings they have confer against the Filipino individuals.

Truly, Noynoy how can one rest during the evening knowing you got well off on the backs of the

drudging masses? What’s more, that you have caused unwavering sorrow and misery on the most helpless?

How can one appreciate living off BLOOD MONEY? Noynoy Aquino—reveal to me how would you rest during the evening? Let me know PLEASE. I WANT TO KNOW!

Since it is such a f*c*ing puzzle to me.”

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