Look as Piolo Pascual lovably pranks a female fan!

piolo pascual

Do you have a long lasting pulverize to Piolo Pascual? Chances are… YES!

Regardless of what age you are, the length of you favor men, Papa P is certainly on your rundown “Ever big name male squashes.” This man ages like fine wine! Regardless of whether he’s bustling posturing for announcements and making all of us swoon, or playing as the frosty driving man, he generally looks drop-dead perfect. In any case, who realized that he could be even look more blazing when he’s tricking somebody?

As of late, Piolo’s video became famous online after he amusingly busted a lady with a versatile band. The lady should take a photograph with the performing artist, however as she swung to confront the camera, a malicious smile spread over Piolo’s face.

On the other hand the wake of wrapping the flexible around the lady’s neck, he at that point pulled her towards him. Piolo Pascual really wanted to giggle at his own particular insane shenanigans.

Furthermore the lady whose name is Angge posted the video on her Instagram account with the inscription, “Langya ka Papapi!!!!! ginawa mo akong aso! may araw ka clamor, tandaan mo yan! di kita tatantanan! energized dad naman ako magpa picture, kasi same shading ng damit namin… nyahaha!”

We are amazingly jealous of her!

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