Palace willing to help ex-Maute individuals who surrendered to gov’t


Palace Kindness

Palace of Malacañang still willing to help those ex-Maute terroriat

group who broke the Marawi City if they will surrender to the Arm Forces of the Philippines.

According to President Rodrigo Duterte said he was ready to be gone by the 25 surrender Maute gather

individuals in Malacañang so they will visit.

“I let them know ‘go to Malacañang and we will talk,'” Duterte said in a discourse here.

He said he even told the surrendered Maute shooters he would send them to Malaysia so they can think about there.

“You think about how to plant elastic and palm oil there,” he said.

Duterte said while palm oil trees may be hard to develop in Marawi City in light of the territory, the place is perfect for elastic.

He refered to the instance of North Cotabato, where elastic developed “up to the highest point of the mountain.”

He said every one of that was require was ingenuity and persistence to develop and develop the yield.

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