Miriam to Sereno: “Release consequences of psychological tests.”

Miriam to Sereno: “Release consequences of psychological tests.”


Miriam- Santiago Perspective

Miriam Defensor-Santiago has asked newly appointed Chief Justice

Ma. Lourdes Sereno to release the results of the psychological tests

on the nominees for the highest judicial position.

Santiago noted Sereno has been the subject of injurious comments about

her official lead, and the congressperson trusted that these originated from

Sereno’s “foes inside the SC (Supreme Court).”

“I imagine that the majority of this is extremely ruinous to the legal as a

foundation, so however much as could reasonably be expected, I figure she

should require push to have the JBC, (of) which she is presently the seat,

discharge the aftereffects of the mental trial of the candidates,” Santiago said.

In any case, Senator Edgardo Angara disapproved of the issue of mental tests

and the standard on which the tests are based.

“Who judges whether your mental test is low or beneath the rational soundness

level? Who chooses whether it is up to the standard or not?” asked Angara, a

veteran attorney.

For Sereno’s situation, Angara believed that the issue would be on her personality.

“Demeanor is vital, and I’m stating that there may be no benchmark on what is the

worthy mental limit,” Angara said.

In the interim, Miriam Defensor-Santiago prescribed that Sereno put forth a straight

out expression on reports that she has excluded in her SALN (explanation of advantages,

liabilities and total assets) the remuneration she got when she participated in the case

of the Philippine International Air Terminals Co. (Piatco) case.

The congressperson said straightforwardness on the issue would enable the new

Chief Justice in guaranteeing uprightness of the Supreme Court under her 18-year to watch.

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Subject of Reactions

Miriam Defensor-Santiago cautioned that Sereno may turn into the subject of more

reactions following the “unpretentious messages” sent by senior SC judges who

supposedly reprimanded her pledge taking functions and a lunch get-together

arranged in her respect.

“After the snapshot of triumph, there is dependably the truth that the SC judges,

especially the seniors, are to a great degree miserable over the way that she

bounced the prompt… They look on it like any development as a genuine unsettling

influence of the present request,” Miriam Defensor-Santiago said.

Additionally the representative perceives the President’s energy to choose

the SC boss, she predicts an “isolated court” if different judges don’t bolster Sereno’s authority.

In a related improvement, the SC discharged last August 29 the SALN of the considerable

number of judges.

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Furthermore relate Justice Mariano del Castillo was the wealthiest among the SC’s 14 judges

in 2011. Del Castillo had a proclaimed total assets of P108,904,519.37.

Nevertheless delegated Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno came in tenth on the

rundown with a total assets of P18,029,575.51.

Besides Sereno’s total assets expanded by about P270,000 with respect to her 2010 SALN,

which she had prior discharged in an abridged shape. Sereno was selected to the high court in 2010.

Meanwhile Associate Justice Arturo Brion rundown a total assets among the 14 officers with P1,498,509.

The total assets of whatever remains of the SC judges for 2011 are as per the following:

Antonio Carpio – P79,895,025.57; Bienvenido Reyes – P75,146,199; Estela Perlas-

Bernabe – P67,101,327; Roberto Abad – P42,100,000; Jose Mendoza – P27,408,152.36;

Diosdado Peralta – P22,642,264.73; Martin Villarama, Jr – P19,074,165.20; Lucas Bersamin

– P18,811,447.87;

Jose Perez – P9,380,000; Teresita de Castro – P7,941,000; and Presbitero Velasco, Jr.

– P7,264,064.

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