Leonen impacts Sereno: “You should have disgraced of your ouster case.”


Leonen Perspective

Leonen, Marvic voted to expel the quo warranto appeal to trying to

exclude Chief previous Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno for her rehashed

inability to document her announcement of benefits, liablilities and

total assets (SALN).

In any case, this did not prevent Leonen from pointing the finger at

Sereno for politicizing endeavors to pry her out of the Supreme Court,

particularly her broad case that plots to unseat her was an assault on

the whole legal.

“Shockingly, in her endeavors to spare her residency of open office she

held as a benefit, this subtlety identifying with this current Court’s part

in the scary majority rules system may have been lost on the respondent.

She may have made excessively of a political story which omitted her own

responsibility and backgrounded her obligations as an individual from this

Court,” said Leonen as he would like to think.

“In a perfect world, an equity must be ease back to put forth open expressions,

alays cautious that the actualities previously her may not be the whole reality

the conclusion that the underlying push to consider her answerable for her

demonstrations was an assault on the whole legal itself ought to have been

a judgment that ought to have been deliberately weight tragically this appeared

to have made the feeling that she revived those in political developments with

their own plan, enduring assaults on her partners in social and customary

media,” he include.

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Sereno Case

Leonen reprimand Sereno for stoping down to the level of her pundits by

being the “first to cause open disgrace and mortification of her associates

and the foundation she speaks to” and when she defy the norms and talk

sub judice on the benefits of her case.

Therefore Supreme Court has made a creature in the Office of the Solicitor

General after its dubious 8-6 choice to expel previous Chief Justice Ma

Lourdes Sereno through the quo warranto request of record by the occupant Jose Calida.

As a result he would like to think, Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo said

the ponencia of the choice, Associate Justice Noel Tijam, broadcast as

“imprescriptible” the energy of SolGen Calida to start quo warranto

procedures against anyone who set out to charge from the Ombudsman

to the judges of the High Court.

“I discover the Court’s presumption of quo warranto purview over

impeachable authorities disturbing, particularly in light of the powers

which the ponencia attributes to the Solicitor General to have as for

procedures of this nature,” del Castillo said.

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Subject Limitation

“The SolGen’s activity of the power is for all intents and purposes

subject to no limitation other than the activity of his/her sound

carefulness on the off chance that, as the ponencia places, this

liberate energy of the SolGen is permit to be apply against impeachable

officers, the freedom of these scary workplaces will successfully be

undermine,” he include.

He said the Ombudsman or Justices would not set out look to teach

or disbar him, individually, because of a paranoid fear of getting expell

through a quo warranto appeal.

Besides Gonzales refer versus Executive Secretary case wherein the

SC notice that enabling the President to train the Ombudsman and its

officers would void the establishment’s freedom ensured in the Constitution.

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Del Castillo Support

Meanwhile with the SolGen using a quo warranto sword of Damocles

over the leaders of these officers, the Filipino individuals can be

guarantee that they will release their protect order and capacities

without support without such affirmation, there can be no assurance

that the primordial enthusiasm of the sovereign individuals is advance” he said.

On the other hand Del Castillo said Calida could even manage who remain

and who might be expell from the High Court.

Furthermore the given the forces that the ponencia proposes to supply

the SolGen with as respects quo warranto petitions against chosen impeachable

officers, the SolGen can successfully change the sythesis of this Court by causing

the expulsion of its Members,” he said.

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