Duterte to Lanao people: Do not support NPA | Archlight Media

Duterte to Lanao people: Do not support NPA | Archlight Media


Duterte not to help

Duterte on Friday solicited the general population from Lanao

not to help the New People’s Army (NPA).

He said the NPA is a gathering of individuals who don’t put stock in God.

“On the off chance that you are related with a man who does not trust in God; does not have a religion, on the off chance that they will win, take a gander at the end result for Cambodia, genocide,” he stated, alluding to the Pol Pot administration.

He said the Khmer Rouge, which Pol Pot headed, murdered around two million individuals.

“You better be watchful. By the day’s end, on the off chance that they get Mindanao, they’ll complete us off,” President Duterte said in a discourse in Marawi City.

He said as opposed to supporting communists, the general population of Lanao should simply converse with him so they could sift out any issue.

“I’m prepared to converse with whoever has disappointment. Simply call the (military camp), the head of police here so they could orchestrate [a meeting],” he said.

“All [that] I am asking you is don’t wage war,” Duterte said.

He said while others fizzled due to earnestness issues, he was prepared to tune in and attempt to tackle the issue.

“Maute and whoever it is, you descended and we will talk [about] how we can enhance your lives,” President Duterte included.

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