Palace men: Let’s bow to grandness of the law | Archlight Media

Palace men: Let’s bow to grandness of the law | Archlight Media


Palace Point of View

Malacañang asked the general population to regard the Supreme Court choice expelling Chief Justice Maria

Lourdes Sereno, and said the high court was compelled by a sense of honor to maintain the 1987 Constitution

as a parallel branch of government.

“Give us a chance to regard the giving of the quo warranto appeal to as the correct cure (in the) administering

against Sereno,” said presidential representative Harry Roque.

Besides Malacañang issued the announcement three hours after the Supreme Court, in an extraordinary move, voted

8-6 to remove Sereno on Friday by conceding the quo warranto request of documented by Solicitor General

Jose Calida that scrutinized Sereno’s capabilities for the post.

“The court administering is in like manner a statement of the matchless quality of the essential tradition that

must be adher to,” Roque said.

Furthermore the Supreme Court has talked we as a whole should bow to the glory of the law,” said boss presidential lawful

direction Salvador Panelo in a different proclamation, including that we should submit to the decision “paying

little mind to our conflict with it.”

“That is the way popular government works,” he included.

Panelo said court choices can be found on feelings nor inclinations, and that the high court was just

playing out its obligation of translating the Constitution’s arrangements.

“Dura lex sed lex: the law might be brutal, however it is the law,” he included.

‘Exemplification of autonomy’

Meanwhile the high court choice to dismiss Sereno “foreshadows well for the nation,” said Calida, who offered his thanks

to the judges “for by and by maintaining the power of the Constitution.”

“This choice is the exemplification of (the Supreme Court’s) exercise of legal autonomy,” the specialist general

said in an announcement.

“Notwithstanding the unruly voices of those claiming to champion the Constitution, the judges remained

consistent with their pledge and loyally clung to the manage of law,” he included.

On the other hand Calida, who has been on leave after gossipy tidbits about his gathered issue with his young official associate

became famous online via web-based networking media, likewise asked general society to oppose “those

expecting to undermine the strength and uprightness, of the legal, as well as of the legislature all in all.”

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