NAIA traditions officer, couple grabbed for ‘pirating’ 1.9-kilogram gold gems


NAIA Personnel

A traditions officer at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)

and two others were captured for endeavoring to sneak into the nation

1.9 kilograms of gold adornments a week ago.

Agency of Customs (BOC) Commissioner Isidro Lapeña distinguished

those captured as NAIA Customs Operations Officer V Lomontod Macabando

and couple Abraham Mimbalawag and Bang-sa Mimbalawag.

Lapeña said the three were captured at the NAIA Terminal 3 in light of a tip

from a traditions analyst who saw the asserted carrying endeavor.

Consequently he said that the unidentified traditions analyst saw the two Mimbalawags,

who had recently landed from Dubai through a Cebu Pacific Air flight, giving

over a dark grip pack to Macabando, who “rushed strolled towards the exit

of the Customs Arrival Area” of the NAIA Terminal 3 on May 5.

Lapeña said BOC work force endeavored to piece Macabando, however

the suspect could get away. Macabando was in the end capture via airplane

terminal security guads and the police in a similar territory.

While the worry of Macabando was progressing, the Mimbalawags were

conveyed to the traditions landing zone, where they conceded owning the dark grasp pack.

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Sneaking Discharge

Nevertheless upon the real assessment, traditions officers found from the grasp sack 24

bits of rings, 1,029 sets of studs, 155 bits of pendants, 5 bits of hoops with

pendants, 19 bits of bangles, 295 bits of chains, as a result of 101 bits of wristbands.

The Mimbalawags did not pronounce the substance of the grasp sack, Lapeña said besides he said the two Mimbalawags and Macabando were capture after the revelation of the pirated gems and experience investigation procedures the next day, May 6, at the Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office.

The three were discharge that day, however are confronting sneaking grumblings grievances.

Meanwhile Lapeña said he has requested the BOC’s Intelligence and Investigation Service to decide Macabando’s conceivable organization infringement.

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