Roque hits against Duterte Lawyers: Sereno is genuine danger not Duterte


Roque Perspective

It is Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno who is a danger to the uprightness of the

legal not President Rodrigo Duterte.

As a result Presidential representative Harry Roque hit back the moves of attorneys’ gathering

who looked for the United Nations unique rapporteur to take an examination on

President Duterte’s assaults against CJ Sereno.

Therefore Roque said that the arraignment case and qou warranto request of looking for

Sereno’s expulsion are originated from her inability to present a total presentations

of her riches.

Consequently this isn’t about the President assaulting the establishment. It’s about the Chief

Justice herself confessing to disregarding a current law which will affect the

uprightness of the court itself,”

“On the off chance that there is a danger to the autonomy of the court, the trustworthiness

of the court, it is simply the Chief Justice; and every one of her associates appear to concur,

all with the exception of one who was on leave when Court settled on that choice”

IBP Conformation

Nevertheless on Wednesday, Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), NAtional Union of People’s

Lawyers, Alternative Law gatherings, Ateneo Human Rights Center, Free Legal

Meanwhile assistance Group, Manananggol Laban sa EJKs and International Pro Bono Alliance

requested that an UN test Duterte’s affirmed assaults against the legal.

Roque additionally said that the confirmation utilized as a part of the prosecution body

of evidence against CJ Sereno is coming her partners at the Court.

“Where is the assault on the legal when the legal itself needs to scrub itself from inside.”

Roque additionally repeated that Pres. Nevertheless Duterte just terminated back against Sereno

after she blamed the President as included to the moves for her to be out in the workplace.

Furthermore the legal talked against her. We are anticipating that the assembly should reprimand

her. The official has stated, you have made a foe out of me. Where will she get the help?”

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