Elderly priest’s lunchbox sparkles bomb terrify on plane

terrorist attack

Bomb Alarm

Bomb alarm at Dumaguete Airport, stranding in excess of 100 travelers

for approximately four hours, an elderly priest’s jest about his pressed lunch


Police Chief Inspector Ruel Baganes said it was a 69-year-old priest who caused

the postponement for Manila-bound travelers yesterday (Wednesday, May 9).

His name has been withheld.

Cf. Insp. Baganes said the suspect was on board Philippine Airlines flight 2546,

which was booked to leave for Manila at around 11am.

The uproar started when a flight specialist advised the cleric to move his pressed

lunch, which he had put on a void seat next to him, into the assigned storage room

under his seat.

After he at first communicated hesitance, the flight chaperon disclosed to him all

the more solidly to take after his directions. This drove the minister to snap back

at him, saying: “Huwag kang mag-alala. Pagkain naman ito, hindi bomba.” [Do not

stress. This is a dinner, not a bomb.]

The flight chaperon instantly reveal the occurrence to his manager, who at

that point pass the message to the plane’s pilot.

After the pilot inform the air terminal’s control tower, police and security

officers from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines hurry to the scene.

Travelers were request off plane, and bomb squad officers direct an inquiry.

The plane was in the end clear from any risk of explosives.

The flight orderly and the flight boss were then address via air terminal police.

It was soon affirm that the priest had not in truth influence a bomb to joke.

Bomb Jokes

Be that as it may, on the grounds that he supposedly neglected to obey guidelines

given by an airplane representative, he could confront charges of under Republic

Act 9497 or the Civil Aviation Authority Act of 2008. Buddy’s lawful division in

Manila is presently thinking about documenting charges against him.

The cleric’s kindred travelers in the long run left the airplane terminal at 3.05pm

— four hours after their booked flight time.

The cleric likewise made to it Manila, however simply in the wake of booking a

very late ticket on a Cebu Pacific flight.

Making bomb jokes is a particular offense under Presidential Decree 1727, or

Anti-Bomb Joke Law.

Not long ago, we detailed how an Australian traveler and his two female sidekicks

were capture for composing “shelling” on a Cebu City inn room reflect.

Jamie Allan Morgan, matured 48, Carmiel Pasco, 19, and Myla Tugbong, 20, are

presently confronting charges under the presidential announcement, and additionally

causing alert and embarrassment under the Revised Penal Code.

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