President Duterte impacts Sereno:”Noon pa ignorante at bobo ka na. You don’t deserved to be a Chief Justice”

President Duterte impacts Sereno:”Noon pa ignorante at bobo ka na. You don’t deserved to be a Chief Justice”


“Ignorante”, “Bobo”, and “Torpe.”

Duterte best depicts Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno in his given proclamation amid

the question and answer session in Davao City after his entry from working visit to China

and Hong Kong.

At the point when asked by the push on his charged interest to ouster top judge Sereno from preeminent court, “Alam mo kung bakit I rebuked you out in the open, ingnorante ka eh”

It can be reviewed that CJ Sereno tested Pres. Duterte to give his response to the allegation tossed at him that he was behind every one of the moves to negate her arrangement as Chief Justice.

On Warrantless Arrest:

Following the main equity’ proclamation was a declaration of Pres.Duterte that he is presently her adversary and said he didn’t take part on the on going reprimand.

Besides President responds when Sereno prompted general society on the warrantless captures on the issue of his organization’s war on drugs battle.

“Sabi ko, hindi ko susundin yan Madame Justice kasi bobo yang batas mo”

“Eh pag ganoon, lalaban lahat yan. Kung walang warrant, and there’s a wrongdoing commited within the sight of military and police, bakit? Magproproduce ba siya ng warrant galing sa’yo?”

“Sabi ko, torpe ka. That is the reason try not to be there. For a Chief Justice, hindi mo alam yan”.

Furthermore President Duterte went on his assaults against Sereno and safeguarded the warrantless captures.

He likewise listed its lawful premise in forcing warrantless captures amid the police task on war on drugs battle that an even common person who comes up short the standard of law know about it.

“Kaya nagalit ako sayo in light of the fact that even a common flunker ng law, alam yan. There are examples the military and the police and people specialist and regular people, so far as that is concerned can make capture, residents capture.”

The Ignorant Chief Justice:

He additionally addresses Sereno about the issue and said the main equity ought to have been long out in her office.

“In the event that the wrongdoing is going to ne carried out in my quality, of the wrongdoing is being perpetrated or the wrongdoing has in certainty been commited at tumakbo ka at hinabol kita.”

“Talagang dapat alisin ka. Noon paman. Bobo ka na. ”

Duterte additionally asked Sereno to advance down from her office as boss equity in light of the fact that if she’s to be sure a keen for the position, she won’t be mixed up on her affirmations.

“Because you are boss equity, you’re not brilliant. Kasi kung shrewd ka, matatag ka diyan, walang lalaban sa’yo at hindi nagkakamali sa mga revelations mo.”

“Also, that term of yours, until what? 2030? That is too yearn for an insensible boss equity. It’s too long. Tama na iyan. Give way. On the off chance that I were you. I will leave.

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