Duterte: I let go another authority for debasement

Duterte: I let go another authority for debasement


Duterte’s Provision

Duterte on Tuesday said that he expelled another authority from government because of debasement as he focused on that he has

not meddled in official exchanges to support people.

On Tuesday, Tourism Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo was accounted for to have been asked by the CEO to leave from her post following

an ad outrage including her specialty, state-run People’s Television Network and a media organization possessed by her sibling, Ben Tulfo.

Teo’s representative and legal advisor Ferdinand Topacio demanded early Tuesday that Duterte did not request Teo’s abdication and

furthermore denied that she had surrendered.

Soon after, he affirmed that she had surrendered and had done as such the prior night. He kept up that that Duterte did not advise

his customer to leave.

“I have expelled numerous because of debasement. There is a current one,” Duterte said in Filipino in his comments at the promise

taking function of recently advanced commanders and banner officers in the military. He declined to name the official, saying he

would not like “to make reputation out of it.”

The president regretted the way that a large number of the individuals who got ensnared in join were the individuals who frequently

went to Davao City to egg him on to keep running for president in 2016.

Duterte additionally focused on that he has not intervened for the benefit of anybody in any administration contract or exchange.

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Satisfaction of Obligation

The CEO likewise guaranteed the military officers tuning in to him that he would bolster them in the satisfaction of their obligations.

In spite of Duterte’s rejection of government authorities, he has not started any charges against any of these people.

The president has additionally “reused” authorities who surrendered following charges of anomaly or bad behavior in office.

Teo had demanded that she was not leaving from her post in spite of the contention on the P60 million that People’s Television

Network paid her sibling Ben Tulfo’s media organization to air the promotions of the office she heads.

A Commission on Audit report hailed the exchange as a result of a gathered absence of supporting archives, including one that

approved PTNI to take cash from the DOT and dispatch it to Tulfo’s Bitag Media Unlimited Inc.

Topacio likewise said that BITAG Media Unlimited Inc., whose CEO and organizer is Ben Tulfo, would restore the P60 million

paid by the Tourism division for its advertisement arrangements.

The Office of the Ombudsman has just propelle an examination concerning the issue and said that a Field Investigation Office

had just been coordinate to direct a reality discovering test.

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