Election Day 2018 Do’s and Dont’s- Archlight Media

Election Day 2018 Do’s and Dont’s- Archlight Media

Do's andf Dont's

Election Tips 2018

Day before the election, the voters should:

1. Look at the stages and capabilities of the hopefuls.

2. Make a rundown of contender to vote.

3. Know ahead the area of your voting focus and region through www.comelec.gov.ph or go to your nearby Comelec office. In Cagayan de Oro, you can visit Burgos corner Gomez lanes and Misamis Oriental in Luna road close old Land Transportation Office (LTO)- Northern Mindanao.

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On Election Day:

1. Carry the rundown with the names of the competitors you will vote.

2. Bring a legitimate ID or your enrollment stub.

3. Continue to voter helpdesk to know your area number or take a gander at the posted voters list.

4. Don’t over vote.

5. Try not to take photo of the tally and the VCM screen.

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On the Voting Process:

1. Go to your doled out surveying focus and surveying region from 6 a.m. yo 5 p.m.

2. Fall in line in the holding region of your region. Give your name, legitimate ID and region number to the Board of Election Inspectors (BEIs).

3. Get your tally, mystery envelope, marker and continue to the voting region. Ensure your poll is perfect of any imprints and don’t make any imprints on the vote.

4. Undervoting and going without is permitted; overvoting isn’t. In the event that you overvote, the vote won’t be checked.

5. Shade the whole oval relating to your applicant of decision. Cover you tally utilizing the mystery organizer that even survey watchers and BEIs can’t take a gander at your ticket.

6. Embed the poll in the Vote Counting Machine (VCM).

7. Sit tight for Voter’s receipt repository from the VCM and let the area manager cut your receipt from the machine.

8. Take your receipt and check your vote at that point drop to the crate accommodated.

9. Restore the mystery organizer and marker. Have your finger set apart with permanent ink and leave the surveying region.

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