HQ Trivia in the Philippines!

HQ Trivia in the Philippines!

This new app swept the whole America in no time at all! And now, it is conquering the United Kingdom. Forget Pokemon Go, and the saga of Candy Crush come to an end with this newest real-time game show everyone is talking about. Not only that, every time you play, there’s a chance of winning!

I have played this game just once and now, I’m blown away. And now that UK is enjoying its own version of the original HQ Trivia, we in the Philippines maybe will wait a little more longer to have our own localized syndicated version.

What’s the gameplay?

If your playing Jeopardy, then you’ll have an idea how to play this thing but in another level–12 times better, that is.

In the US version, players partake live in daily trivia questions where they can also win real money! Yes, cold cash! This live trivia games as stated in HQ Trivia’s Apps Store description air every 9.p.m. EST everyday and also in weekends at 3.pm. EST.

Now, here’s the catch. The game is happening in real-time, thus every player who logged in competes with thousands of others around the world. When you’re in the app’s homepage, you can see the next schedule of the game and prize money up for grabs. Just for example, the next game is at 4 am (Philippine time) and the prize money is $2,500.


When you first download the app, you will be verified by providing your phone number. Once the app knows that you’re legal, you’ll be prompt to create a username and you’re good to go. Welcome to HQ Trivia.

It’s a real game show but on your iPhone

Sadly, the app is just working for now in iPhones, so for those with androids smartphones, maybe a little more longer patiently waiting, the developers are tinkering how to mobilize it in your androids.

Just like a real game show we can see on TV, HQ Trivia has its own game show host who ask 12 multiple choice questions. The US Version is hosted live by Scott Rogowsky while the UK syndicate is run by British host Sharon Carpenter. Players have only 10 seconds to answer in every question, which makes it very difficult to cheat. If your incorrect or haven’t answered when the time run out will eliminate you from the game.Extra lives can be earned if you invite your friends to play the game, which you can use during the live game show.

If you answered all the 12 questions correctly, you’re a winner. But remember, you’re not the only one. If the prize money is $2,500 it will be divided to let say, there are 400 winners around the world, each would have $6.25. But you can only cash out if you reach the $20 threshold.

As of right now, the biggest winner of the game reach $6, 000 already! Whoa!

Here’s what the game show look like:

HQ Trivia in the Philippines

Are you excited for the Philippines’ version of the game? But let’s take it easy because it will not be happening that fast. All we can right now is to play the US Version.

But what if we have a Philippine version sooner or later, who would you like to host the live-app game show?

Here’s a list of some celebrities who we think would fit as host for HQ Trivia Philippines:

Kris Aquino


Of course, when it comes to game show in the Philippines, Kris is a big hit. She can spice up the game a little in her own unique touch. Being tag as the “queen of all media” although her presence is mighty only in social media right now, she’s a great talk show  and game show host for Pilipinas, Game KNB? Deal or No Deal, and Wheel of Fortune.

Edu Manzano

hq philippines1

Edu was an excellent game show host with the Philippine version of the Weakest Link. He has also some stint hosting Pilipinas Game KNB? 1 vs. 100 and Asar Talo Lahat Panalo.

Luis Manzano

hq philippines 2

The son of Edu and Vilma, Luis probably the most selling game show host in the Philippines today. He hosted Minute to Win it, Family Feud, Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal, Celebrity Playtime and I Can See your Voice.

Toni Gonzaga

hq philippines3

It would be really awesome to see Toni Gonzaga host the show. Aside from a very good reality show host through Pinoy Big Brother, The Voice Philippines, and Pilipinas Got Talent, Toni is a very witty person that can really uplift someone when you see her everyday.

If this going to happen in the Philippines, I’m excited to answer Trivia question fitted for the Filipino audience. For now, let’s be contented with the US HQ Trivia!

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