Meet: Shaniah Llane Rollo, Amazing at 13, gifted with an angelic voice

Meet: Shaniah Llane Rollo, Amazing at 13, gifted with an angelic voice

She was just 13 but when she sings, it’s just like a voice of an angel. She stole our hearts with her pitch-perfect version of Cindy Lauper’s classic, True Colors in the pilot episode of  Ireland’s Got Talent 2018.

She is Shaniah Llane Ojano Rollo, born and raised in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, Philippines but moved with her parents in Dublin, Ireland two years ago.

Ireland’s got Talent judges were very impressed with her audition performance, even giving her a standing ovation together with the audience.

“Shaniah, it was effortless, it was pitch perfect, and you’re only 13!” Judge Louis Walsh praised after Shaniah’s performance.

Denise Van Outen cannot hide her amazement either, “Wow! You’ve got the most amazing voice. You sang that from your heart, and you sang that for your siblings. They will be so proud of you.”

Shaniah giving her best shot at Ireland’s Got Talent Pilot Episode

Before her performance, Van Outen asked the young girl if she wins, what she will do with the prize money,  €50,000 prize (P3.26 million pesos). Shaniah revealed that she will use the money for her siblings to go in Ireland. “I really missed them so much, I want them to be here, so that we can be a whole family again,” Shaniah said.

Shaniah with her sister Mia and brother Gian. Courtesy: Facebook

Family of musicians

Shaniah is the youngest among the three children of Joy and Narz Rollo, both native of Pio Duran, Albay. Their eldest, Mia Kyarra, 26, is also a singer, a recording artist in the Philippines covering popular songs and backing-up famous singers in some concerts in Manila. Currently, she’s doing gigs in some five star hotels in the country. While Shaniah’s brother, Gian, 23, is still studying but also prolific in playing guitar and keyboard.

Rollo family photo Courtesy: Narz Rollo Facebook



Shaniah with her dad, Narz after qualifying in the audition rounds of Ireland got Talent. Courtesy: Facebook

“I am also a singer together with my husband, maybe, that’s the reason why all of my children love to sing,” narrated Joy, Shaniah’s mother.

Narz, Shaniah’s father, is a member of the Filipino band in Ireland called Tropical Storm teached her daugther how to play ukelele and guitar.

“Shania Twain was my favorite singer, that’s why I named my daughter after her. We call her Shane in our family,” Mrs. Rollo quipped.

Moving to Ireland

In 2016, Shaniah and her parents arrived in Ireland, looking for a greener pasture but leaving behind Mia and Gian in the Philippines.

Shaniah with her parents in Ireland. Courtesy: Facebook

Shaniah continued studying in the foreign soil and she’s currently in high school exclusive for girls.

Her mother told us that she’s very studious and always got high scores from her exams. They were surprise even though she was a transferee, she can easily coped up with the new lessons.

Shaniah with her mother Joy in Dublin, Ireland. Courtesy: Facebook

“She always makes us proud, ayaw n’ya walang ginagawa. Boring sa kanya yun, gusto n’ya lagi may activity siya,” her mother said. (She hates if she has nothing to do, she finds it boring, she wanted to have some activity always.)

Her classmates and teachers was really surprised when they saw her on TV because she did not tell anyone from their school that she’s joining the talent show. When they found out, they were very proud.


Another talent Shaniah’s mom is very proud of her, is her drawing skills. She’s into watercolor painting.

If she’s not singing, you could probably see her reading books in her free-time or holding some paintbrush and sketching some images.

Shaniah’s utmost prayers is to bring her brother and sister in Ireland for them to be complete, thus reiterating it in Ireland’s got Talent when she was asked what to do with the prize money, if she could win as Grand Champion.

Shaniah’s favorites   

Living for two years already in Ireland made Shaniah to love to eat beef carbonara, shrimp fettucine and pizza. And of course,  she can’t forget her Filipino roots because her mom always cooks inihaw na tilapia and pork bar-b-que for her which are her Pinoy food favorites.

Shaniah, enjoying some moment with her mom Joy and Daddy Narz. Courtesy; Facebook

She’s very fond of listening to Lea Salonga and sometimes imitates her Broadway antics. Tori Kelly is another favorite and she said her favorite song is the international singer’s Paper Hearts.

After qualifying in the audition rounds, knowing how talented Filipinos are, will she be one of the strongest contenders of the show? What do you think? Comment down below.

Let’s support Shaniah on her quest of her dreams.

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