Pastor Quiboloy not detained in Hawaii, stages huge LIVE concert in Antipolo City

Pastor Quiboloy not detained in Hawaii, stages huge LIVE concert in Antipolo City

An overwhelming crowd of members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and supporters of popular Filipino TV evangelist Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy flocked at the Ynares Center, Antipolo City on Sunday.

Pastor Quiboloy addressed the crowd live in person clearing earlier reports that he was imprisoned, detained and jailed in Hawaii.

“Don’t worry about what your read and saw on TV, it is a blessings in disguise,” the Pastor said accordingly in his message.

The Ynares Center was jam-packed with members and supporters of Pastor Quiboloy on his Sunday preaching.  Courtesy: Sonshine Media Network International


“Everything that happens in my life has a purpose. The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord, he added. “I assure you that the spirit of hate will not win over the spirit of love.”

The camp of Pastor Quiboloy also clarified reports of detention and deportation on Friday.

“I granted interviews to clarify everything that he was not detained nor was he imprisoned nor was he jailed. He was not. He was not also deported,” said Atty. Israelito Torreon, Quiboloy’s spokesperson said clearing the name of the Pastor contrary to earlier reports.

Torreon said Quiboloy was not arrested or even detained, only clarification was made with the pastor.

“My source is Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and he told me that there was only a clarification and the fact that he was able to clarify everything,” Quiboloy’s lawyer said

“He was allowed to leave United States and he is already here in the Philippines that I know because Pastor Quiboloy told me that,” he said.

“The fact that there is only a very short span of time that separates the alleged holding or detention to the time that he arrived here in the Philippines speaks volumes of the Pastor’s innocence of the insinuations that he committed a crime or that he violated any US laws,” he said.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy leads The Kingdom of Jesus Christ congregation which is based in Davao City started from a very humble beginning with just 15 members but now covering every city around the world with over 6.5 million members and sympathizers.

pacq2  Last May 2016 presidential elections, Pastor Quiboloy was a staunch supporter of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who won as president in a landslide.




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