“Gyera kung gyera!” – Dela Rosa to Duterte’s critics

“Gyera kung gyera!” – Dela Rosa to Duterte’s critics


Director General Ronald “Bato’ Dela Rosa warned critics of President Rodrigo Duterte to stop the false accusation of the president for he is ready to face and die before they can come near the president.

Dela Rosa said anti-duterte administration cannot broke the war against drugs because it is part of the effort of the President.

“Manigas sila. Hindi nila kayang ibagsak ’yung presidente na elected by the people at ’yung trust rating ay 83 percent. Manigas sila,” Dela Rosa said.

Dela Rose urges they cannot bring down the president which is elected by the people and with a trust rating of 83%.

However PNP will never fall into a trap made by the ICC investigation.

“You want to bring down the Duterte administration? Over my dead body. Giyera tayo. Kayo, kung gusto niyo giyera, hinahamon ko kayo. Gusto niyo ng kudeta, magkudeta kayo. Giyera tayo. Huwag niyo kong takutin,” he added.

Dela Rosa dared for a war than threatening the president.

“For all you know, ‘yang investigation na ‘yan ay nagsimula ‘yan dahil sa paninira,” he said. “Politically-motivated ‘yan. Tapos ngayon, ikaw bigay ka lang ng bigay hanggang sa pumasok ka sa trap nila. We will seek the help of the legal service kung ano dapat, anong legal, anong tama.”

Dela Rosa on the other hand, could not promise to update their war against drugs once it is summoned by the ICC.

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