Pangilinan, Aquino, ipinagtanggol ang Rappler amidst SEC ruling

Pangilinan, Aquino, ipinagtanggol ang Rappler amidst SEC ruling

Liberal party President and Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan urged their supporters for solidarity on monday following the order of the Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) to shutdown the arrogant and anti-Duterte self confessed news site Rappler after violating the Philippine law.

“Today, one of the most prominent voices for truth-telling and journalistic integrity – the news portal Rappler – has been stripped of its SEC registration, effectively revoking their license to operate in the country,” Pangilinan said in a statement.

“This, and other recent developments, have only made it more evident how important it is for people to have a way to come together. In a time of fear, of relentless attacks on our institutions, the abuse of power, and the feeling of helplessness that this breeds – we seek solidarity,” he said.

“We remain committed to this effort,” he said. “Our recruitment portal is now online at; if you wish to stand with us; if you think that defending our freedoms requires a real, organized, strategic effort, one that values every individual’s contribution, then we invite you to join us.”

“Our party leaders are likewise determined to speak out; over the next few days, you will hear more from us, and we ask that you spread the message: We stand with Rappler and all other truth-tellers. We stand for freedom – the very essence of liberalism,” he added. “We offer a platform where we can come together and determine what we can do to rise to the challenges to our freedoms and our constitutional democracy. We are here.”

Meanwhile Presidential Communications Operations Office on Social Media Assistant secretary Mocha Uson responded to Pangilinan’s call on her facebook post saying “Tsk tsk tsk! Wala talagang alam sa batas ito oh! Ano magtatawag na kayo ng rally sa Edsa??”

Mocha Uson also commented on the SECs order to revoke the registration of Rappler. She said the revocation of the registration of Rappler is a success to a rule of law. It is clear that they violated the law and they should be punished by the law. She added that free speech has no problem in the law and they can shout it out in different ways but they should also consider the Philippine law.
She said, “Ang pagbawi ng certificate of registration ng Rappler ay tagumpay ng rule of law. Pilit nilang pinaiikutan ang batas na naglimita sa foreign ownership ng media at ito’y napuna ng SEC. Lumabag sila sa batas, at ito’y pinarurusahan.

Walang violation ng free speech dito. Libre pa rin silang magsalita. Kahit ngayon umiikot ang opisyales nito at nagbibigay ng interview. Naririnig ang panig nila. Bukod pa rito, malaya silang magpahayag, kung susunod sila sa patakaran at sa batas. At sa saligang batas.”

Aside from it, Mocha Uson lambasted Senator Bam Aquino’s post that fake news wins and should defend Rappler. Ironically, Uson posted on social media referring to an idiotic comment of a Senator (Bam Aquino) who are making a law defending a violator (Rappler) of the law. Only in the Philippines.

Here’s her post: “Only in the Philippines. Mag violate ka ng LAW at Law Maker pa ang magtatanggol sayo.
***Mr. Bam Aquino para lamang sa kaalaman mo malaya pa din ang RAPPLER magpahayag ng kanilang opinion. Nasa FB at Twitter pa din ang Rappler. May website pa rin sila. Anong kalayaan ang pinagsasabi mo??? They violated the “constitutional and statutory Foreign Equity Restrictions in Mass Media”. Madami ka naman Consultant diba? Mag tanong ka minsan.”

Following to it, major Pro Duterte bloggers like Sass Rogando Sasot, Mocha Uson and RJ Nieto of Thinking Pinoy chided Rappler that the revocation of Rappler’s registration is totally a ‘Karma’. Rappler’s Maria Ressa have traveled everywhere abroad just to spread lies and controversy to these major bloggers whose following is above millions accusing them of spreading fake news. But in this recent happening, it seems Rappler is the true villain as their credibility shuts down tagging them as a ‘Fake media’.

Rappler is now a questionable corporation if it is into a mass media business or in a property business. Basically, Rappler is not a mass media but a Fake media.

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