USA: “North Korea ang nasa likod ng WannaCry Massive Virus”

USA: “North Korea ang nasa likod ng WannaCry Massive Virus”

North Korean hackers are deploying an army of well-trained people with an eye for a new source of hard currency.

The United States government is saying that North Korea is the direct responsible for the WannaCry malware attack with mostly affected hospitals, businesses and banks all around the world early this year.

Thomas Bossert, an aide of US President Donald Trump allegedly accusing the most secretive country, reporting his accusations in a newspaper.

Bossert reiterated, who is the homeland security adviser of the president, his allegations are based on evidence, and even United Kingdom and the computer giant Microsoft are accusing that the North Korean government has involvement on the attack.

This is the first time that USA accused Pyongyang on the said worm.

If you can remember, the virus had hit more than 300, 000 computers in 150 countries, where the malware made a billion dollar damage.

The virus that had hid on May this year on a cyber-attack, locking all the information of a computer and asking for ransom to get one’s data.

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