Umaarangkada ang Turismo! 3rd most Googled Travel Destination ang Pinas

In the recent released Global Travel Search Index of True Luxury.Travel , Philippines came third as one of the countries with the greatest increase in search interest from 2004-2016.

Countries like Cape Verde, UAE, Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Qatar, and Bangladesh showed the greatest change in interest in terms of google search.

“Looking at the countries which had shown the greatest increase in search interest from 2004-2016 it was interesting to see that holidaymakers appear to be becoming more adventurous with their holiday choices, with Cape Verde topping our Global Travel Search Index ranking, while other far-flung destinations including the UAE, Philippines and Pakistan also ranked at the top. Meanwhile, more traditional holiday destinations such as Spain and Italy ranked towards the bottom, while France showed a considerable decrease in search interest,” True Luxury Travel stated.


But the website reiterated that their research does not dictate that the countries ranked top of the Global Travel Search Index are the most popular holiday destinations overall, but they are the countries that have shown the biggest growth popularity as a holiday destination since 2004.




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