Nag-sorry na ang Malditang Babae nanakit sa matandang taxi driver

The controversial girl who recently became viral in social media when a video of her, slapping an old taxi driven along Congressional road, Manila reached millions of views. She received more than enough bashers online, and the harshest comments as well saying what she did to the man was unacceptable.

Here’s the post posted in her Facebook account:

“Somebody reported my spare facebook account and copied my apology on their Facebook page.

This is Cherish Sharmaine Interior. I repeat, I have no Facebook page. I’m not that dumb to create a fanpage, post the pictures of myself and my boyfriend, then post more hurting messages pa to add insult to injury or to make you hate me even more.

I have published an apology which was copied by that Facebook page but the truth still remains: I AM SORRY.

Spare my relatives, my office, and my workmates. Someone tagged the name of the company I work in and commented on some of the posts there. Please leave them alone. And please, those people who also have an Interior surname, and who you guys are bullying are not in anyway related to me.

If you want to bash me, I am willing to accept that. Just leave the innocent people alone. I am doing things to make up for my mistake, trying to reach out to manong taxi driver. I am facing an imminent termination and possibly blacklisting to other companies, and I hope you guys are happy. I believe I deserve it, but please accept my apologies.”




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