Duterte binanatan ng Simbahang Katolika, ‘Gay Marriage is sin!’

Duterte binanatan ng Simbahang Katolika, ‘Gay Marriage is sin!’

Catholic Leaders and evangelical churches objected the legalization of the same-sex marriage, and objected President Duterte’s support to LGBT community in the Philippines.

The Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) also agrees that it is against the law of the central teachings of Islam and Christianity.

” Same sex marriage truly contradicts the teachings of other religion for it is only between man and a woman,” PCEC said.

PCEC added that serious error would harm not only the Christian faith but the morality of each nation.

Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes also said the Catholic Church will never approve same sex marriage for it is a sin in the sight of God.

” This kind of belief would surely breakdown individuals and the human society.”

Meanwhile local media quoted Pres. Duterte’s speech that he opposed gay unions but due to unreasonable change happening in the world today, Duterte vowed to the LGBT people.

” I want same sex marriage but we must change the law,” he said.

Why should I hold it back? If that will add your happiness. Whatever makes the person happy I will give it,” Duterte added.

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