Pres. Duterte : “I am for same-sex marriage”

Pres. Duterte : “I am for same-sex marriage”

President Rodrigo Duterte appeared to the 7th LGBT Advocate event at Azuela cove in Davao City saying he was against gender discrimination.

Duterte said there’s no problem with him if a man marry a man or whatever human being it is.

“I am for (same-)sex marriage if that is the trend of the modern times. If that will add to your happiness, I am for it who am I you know, whatever makes the person happy, I will give it. Why should I hold it back?” he said.

Duterte saying he had two gay brother-in-law, he even joked about toying once with the idea of becoming bisexual but that did not happened to him.

Furthermore Duterte said he will change the law for the happiness of the modern time.

“I want gay marriage. The problem is we have to change the law, for your happiness,” he added.

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