Mang Bhoy nagsalita na! Ang kawawang taxi driver na sinampal ng malditang babae

Mang Bhoy nagsalita na! Ang kawawang taxi driver na sinampal ng malditang babae

The video of a girl slapping an old taxi driver on his face have gone viral on social media in no time, where netizens bashed the bad attitude of the girl and came in defense of the old man.

A video interview of the old taxi driver surfaced recently as posted by Mr. Gilbert Jarino Manalili. He confirmed that he knew Mang Bhoy or Virgilio Murillo Doctor who lives in Potrero, Malabon City.

Mr. Gilbert Jarino Manalili came in defense of Mang Bhoy, who is one of his neighbors said that being the president of their neighborhood association, he would make a legal action regarding this matter.

He also called the attention of the office of the LTO, and broadcasted the girl’s car plate number for them to take action.

Mang Bhoy reiterated that when he was driving, a Honda civic car blocked his way, and he signaled his horn so that the car would pull over.

“We confronted, but I said sorry to her even though it’s not my mistake, so that everything will be finished,” Mang Bhoy said.

“But she slapped me on the face, and my taxi was beaten by a pole and then she hurted me again,” he added.

Allegedly, Mang Bhoy claimed that the girl’s companion is her husband but did not came to the rescue and did not even stopped his wife.

The incident happened along Congressional road going to Visayas Avenue.

Netizens also came to the rescue of the old man, on the video posted by someone named Joshua Baluyot.

Mang Bhoy was suffering a highblood pressure condition but still considers to drive to augment the daily needs of his family.

It was later reported that the girl caught on camera slapping an old man, is someone named Cherish Sharmaine Interior who is working in VXI PH. Someone reposted her post from her own Facebook account, being proud of what she did.

The post reads, “With my sweetyy its so lucky because viral na tayo baby ko mas sikat pa tayo sa nanalonng lotto oh mu god i cant believe talaga thankyou so much more blessing to come ang sarap pa ulit mamalo. next naman babaeng matanda huhuhu sasay lang talaga.”

Expectedly, the post was bombarded with very harsh comments pertaining to the girl on the video.

Mang Bhoy would take legal actions regarding this matter.

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  1. natin sia… Nagsuffer na sia…. Lahat tau nkagwa din ng pagkakamali. .give her another chnce .. Para magbago.

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