Kawawang Taxi Driver! Pinagsasampal ng isang magandang babae, sino ang may kasalanan?

A video posted on Facebook is going viral right now, where a beautiful lass apprehended an old taxi driver on a busy weekday.

You can see in the video that the girl is very aggressive and suddenly hit the old guy on his face.  After a heated discussion between the two camps, the driver seated on the roadside feeling sorry for himself.

What can you say about the attitude of the girl? Do you think she is right? Or she’s abusing the rights of the old man?

Netizens came to the rescue of the old man, on the video posted by someone named Joshua Baluyot.

It was later reported that the girl caught on camera slapping an old man, is someone named Cherish Sharmaine Interior who is working in VXI PH. Someone reposted her post from her own Facebook account, being proud of what she did.

The post reads, “With my sweetyy its so lucky because viral na tayo baby ko mas sikat pa tayo sa nanalonng lotto oh mu god i cant believe talaga thankyou so much more blessing to come ang sarap pa ulit mamalo. next naman babaeng matanda huhuhu sasay lang talaga.”

Expectedly, the post was bombarded with very harsh comments pertaining to the girl on the video.


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