Look: Trump tinawag na “Time bomb” ang bansang North Korea

Look: Trump tinawag na “Time bomb” ang bansang North Korea


United States President Donald Trump deteriorating relation with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as Korea increase the risk of imminent war with China.

A Director of the Center on American studies at Renmin University Shi Yinghong said, “The biggest risk of war in decades is the condition of Peninsula.”

Wang Hongguang said from Nanjing Military Region this time was a very dangerous period that is why the Northeast China must mobilize their defense for the upcoming war.

Wang said” China can still play a decisive and overwhelming role, that’s why we continuing the engagement.”

Pres. Trump said, ” I am very disappointed in China they allowed our foolish past leaders to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade, we will no longer allow this to continue,I know that China could easily solved this problem.”

On the other hand, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson conveyed a similar statement that embraced United Nation against North Korea.



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