PDEA to purchase 100 sniffing K9 dogs in 2018

PDEA to purchase 100 sniffing K9 dogs in 2018

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Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) planned the acquisition of the following 100 drug sniffing canines from foreign express delivery and domestic courser services.

According to PDEA’s director Aaron Aquino they have K9-unit consists of 52 NDD’s and 57 handlers in 17 regions nationwide.

“PDEA is expected to acquire an additional 100 NDD’s (narcotic detection dogs) in 2018 with training worth P500,000 for each dog,” he said.

Aquino discussed procedures drugs makes it nearly detection of the canine dogs much lower due to anonymity and the use of fictitious names to mislead authorities.

“PDEA also requested them to provide the agency a small and secured room to inspect suspected parcels containing dangerous drugs. This would prevent possible security breaches and inside job,” Aquino added.

On the other hand, PDEA remains vigilant to insure that the millions worth of illegal dangerous drugs will not be smuggled here in the Philippines again.


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