Military to assemble operations in Mindanao

Military to assemble operations in Mindanao


Armed Forces of the Philippines chief of staff General Rey Leonardo Guerrero expects military operations intensified scope and coverage residents of areas infested with communists rebels in some parts of Mindanao.

He also realigned commanders and troops to attend other security concerns in other areas as they going to focus the operations security treats in Mindanao.

“(Our operations will be) intensified in the sense that they [the public] can expect more patrols, checkpoints especially in the population centers,” he said.

Guerrero said operations of the military in western Mindanao will go to the Jihadi groups while actions in eastern Mindanao will concentrate on the New People’s Army (NPA).

“We want to establish visibility and presence in population centers to deter terrorist actions,” he said.

Guerrero added that the offensive mission of the military will continue during the holiday season which was not inclined in recommending suspension of some military group.

Meanwhile, last month in Batangas province the government forces killed at least 15 NPA terrorists in a clash in Nasugbu town.

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