Duterte’s opposition warns his term extension

Duterte D

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and all other elective officials will have a term of office for five years if they will re-elect again.

This has been under the plan of Mr. Duterte to the nation that they would have a new Constitution under a federal System of government n 2019.

Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate said, “These are some of the indecent variations that are being floated by administration allies.”

Duterte said he would accept a shortened tenure if the nation shifted to the Federal System.

Zarate said he elicited proposals that would be floated which are not contained the contained as resolution.

“We were told that these indecent proposals would be discussed when the House and the Senate convene as a con-ass next month. The plan is to finish the new Charter in two-three months and submit it to the people for ratification in the May 2018 barangay elections,” he said.

He added that if the federal parliamentary will be chosen there would be no term limits for members of parliament.

“They could also lift the term limits if it were a federal-presidential structure,” he added.

Benito Ranque a convenor of the movement for the Federal State of Minsupala said, “The movement for the Federal State of Minsupala is in response to the call of President Duterte for the shift of government from presidential to federal.”

Ranque added that the natural resources in the so-called ancestral lands could be developed at the grassroots levels.

On the other hand, Tribal Sub under the Minsupala Federal State will also strengthen the spirit of the Indigenous Peoples Right Act(RA 8371) which aims to give a full recognition to the ancestral lands of tribal Filipinos.

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