De Lima to Pinoy : You cannot put a good man down!

De Lima to Pinoy : You cannot put a good man down!


Senator Leila De Lima protect the former President Benigno Aquino III after facing the hearing at Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.

De Lima answered the question of the issues head on to the former president that what he did to us was to make us proud.

“There is only one lesson in this. You cannot put a good man down. And the former president is as good as they come. We did not expect anything less from him. He made us proud.”

However Aquino justified that his former administration used the government savings in order to produce vaccines to the children.

Pinoy faced the public to clarify and explain the decision of his past administration to implement the dengue vaccination program during a critical period in the nation’s public health. He confronted the accusations of negligence and corruption head-on, without equivocation, as only a person telling the truth can,”she said.

De Lima pointed out that everything is far from the special treatment as Sen. Gordon was gave to the Presidential Son, the Davao City Mayor Paolo Duterte and the Presidential Son in- law Manases Carpio during the P6.4 Billion crystal meth smuggling hearing and now to the Former President’s Case about ‘Dengvaxia’.

“PNoy was entitled to two courtesies in the Senate hearing. First, as a former President and, second, as a former member of the Senate. Instead, Pinoy appeared in the hearing without expecting any special treatment, and rightly so, as he was treated like any other resource person by Senators Gordon and Ejercito,” De Lima said.

Furthermore De Lima noted that ego self-gratification, grandstanding, and microphone hogging was their inside of every battle.

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