Commentary: PM Abe Democratic Security to join Duterte’s Administration

Commentary: PM Abe Democratic Security to join Duterte’s Administration


Only the changing regional order dynamics were President Donald Trump revitalized the term “Indo Pacific” which refers to the Asia continent or “Asia Pacific.”

Dr. Renato De Castro also described Democratic Security Diamond (DSD) as a brain child of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, was formed by four naval powers- Australia, India, United States and Japan to safeguard the marine time common stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Western Pacific.

Among the four democratic countries needed the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit , Japan , Austria and India is to discuss the global cooperation under DSD concept proposal.

Likely to countries having a significant role play in preventing to play in the security and status qou of the region and other members of the DSD both of them shared the same value and interest of maintaining status quo.

Dr. De Castro special concept defense analyst Jose Custodial opened the DSD is not the real concept of its consolidates most powerful economies and militarizes.

The two current possibilitiesĀ  the political security landscape of the Philippines which is relevant due to the administration’s priority’s to domestic issues. This could take the advantage of the growing insecurity through engagements to the other institutions.

On the other hand moving forward to the Philippines they should maximize first its bilateral ties and there strategy framework brought about by the DSD, which not taking many commitments lest to the detriment of its own interests.

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