Pres. Duterte to ABS-CBN : Endorse Federalism and were friends but if not fine


President Rodrigo Roa Duterte called the other TV networks to help him promoting federalism specially to the ABS-CBN TV network headed by Lopez group of companies or known as Lopez, Incorporated.

Duterte said he is willing to bury the machete with the ABS-CBN if they will only promote federalism.

“If you would help in the federal system campaign and make it a slogan for the unity and to preserve this republic, I will make up with you,” Pres. Dutert said.

“I will go to you and say, I will not ask for anything. Just dedicate a portion of your time, your expensive and precious time on TV, help us promote federalism, only the good ones. But if you think that it is not into your system, fine.” Pres. Duterte referring to Mr. Lopez.

Duterte urges this was all he wanted the TV network would do for him.

“And I said, I’m willing to shake hands with you. And you can continue with your criticisms about corruption. We both don’t want corruption and wrongdoing,” Duterte added.

Furthermore, despite the objection of the public to embrace the idea of Malacanang, they still continue pushing to a federal form.

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