Desease, Drug and Sex- Let us die together!

Desease, Drug and Sex- Let us die together!


The Duterte Administration Campaign to bloody anti-drug has made partiers lie low, as an interviewee responded through texts and said” Some of my friends and some who did not gain access to the parties I hosted in my place informed the police.”

According to the International studies, the term “parteE” and “play” was first used in Europe because it all started with Ecstasy (E) used as their major drug of the choice before they tried other stimulants.

A researcher from De La Salle University Karl Reiner Maglubos whose masteral thesis was “Chemsex” said the Episodic influence of the Drug Use on Sexual Behavior may cause to death.

It also reflects the responses of the 20 interviews who thought at first drug is very dangerous but it change there views and sated “there is nothing wrong if drugs are used recreation ally or as a means to escape.” Their first try, which they noted with “euphoric, pleasurable feelings,” was out of curiosity and was voluntary, not peer pressure.”

While those person who was killed the governments drug war who intercourse with their partners will surely affected.

On the other hand Dr. Sescon said some experiences might have change their sexual identities and expressions but all PnP participants must know that they were responsible on whatever may happened to them.

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