China continues expansion in Scarborough Shoal’- Assayer

China South China Sea

Philippines claimed to be the owner of the Scarborough Shoal with its artificial islands in the contested South China Sea and its exclusive economic zone calls it the West Philippine Sea.

A report from Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative of Washington’s CSIS identified all permanent facilities that can be used for the military purposes that China completed since start of the year.


Despite the purpose of Beijing China to move diplomatic talks with rival claimants in Southeast Asia in a bid to ease tensions.


AMTI, Fiery Cross (Kagitingan) saw the “most construction” in 2017 with China’s installation of a very high frequency radar array at the north end of the island in the last several months.


The Subi Reef (Zamora) built now a “considerable” building activity this year, that includes the completion of the buried facilities likely weapons storage on top of the other previously work such as Missile shelters and some radar facilities.

China also set up the two completion of two “elephant cage” and antenna array for signals.


“AMTI earlier noted that the larger hangars built at each of the Spratly airbases could accommodate its, suggesting their presence at Woody could be a sign of things to come,”


On the other hand, the newly construction in the island last year which named as Woody Island China’s Military and administrative headquarters in the disputed Sea.


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